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  1. Tom Gross

    Which is a good pedal for a 'gritty' low gain 'blues' sound on a clean amp? Not a Tubescreamer right

    Love my VFE Blues King. Awesome tweakable Bluesbreaker style overdrive.
  2. Tom Gross

    More Birelli Lagrene madness! Whew!!

    I love this stuff of his as well.
  3. Tom Gross

    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    I picked one up and love it.
  4. Tom Gross

    VHT Pittbull 45 At Lower Volumes?

    I have one and love it. Mines a bit older. Sounds great at lower volume, and as a low-mid gain blues-rock amp. It is very cool to me how going from the clean to clean + boost to Gain channel to Gain + boost seems to be a linear progression with similar tone. It's in the Hiwatt realm more than...
  5. Tom Gross

    FUCHS amplifiers appreciation thread

    I added this grab 'n go Fuchs Princeton to my stable (which includes a Fuchs modded DR) a few months ago. This thing is awesome, 30-something watts, loop, nice reverb. It screams.
  6. Tom Gross

    Best guitarist who is never anyone's "Favorite Guitarist"

    Yes. I watch that Allman Bros concert from Florida with him all the time.
  7. Tom Gross

    Best guitarist who is never anyone's "Favorite Guitarist"

    Check out the album "Two Sides of Peter Banks." Jan Akkerman's amazing playing is all over that.
  8. Tom Gross

    Best picture of you when you were young, playing guitar

    Me playing bass at a gig at my high school in the early 70s
  9. Tom Gross

    Larry coryell

    His other son Murali is a great blues guitarist and incredible soul singer.
  10. Tom Gross

    Enjoy metal guitar but hardly any metal bands? Suggestions welcome!

    I can't stand cookie monster vocals
  11. Tom Gross

    Anyone own lollar dirty blondes

    I bought a Nash S63 with that set in it, and totally flipped out over how great those pickups sound, Better than the set Lindy Fralin custom wound for me years ago. I am planning on getting a set and putting them in my Tom Anderson Classic.
  12. Tom Gross

    Alternative to Lovepedal BBB06/07

    Yeah, look on Reverb. I have a Ge BBB 18 that I love, as well as a White Dragon. There are tons of BBB's, White Dragons, Black Dragons, etc around. I would stick with germanium, buy some folks like the Si ones.
  13. Tom Gross

    Do you Know if Lovepedal is still operative?

    And you used it appropriately!
  14. Tom Gross

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Today's variation. I use mine mostly to play around with different overdrives, singly and in combination.
  15. Tom Gross

    Rat or thereabouts

    VFE Alpha Dog or Dragon Hound. Very versatile RAT. They can be found used.
  16. Tom Gross

    CAROLE KING - 1971 - Tapestry

    Great writing, huge album. It wasn't until about 10 years later that I realized she sings totally off key.
  17. Tom Gross

    How to Shawn Lane

    I was gonna go on this thread on the Teamspeed,com Forum where folks were all appreciating the 1967 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 and post all about how it was not a real supercar, and just a mustang, and that compared to a Ferrari it was a joke, but then I realized I would look stupid and sad and it...
  18. Tom Gross

    Have you played with any "famous" musicians?

    So funny guitar shop impromptu jam story. I'm in a shop in Miami in like 79, this Asian guy is playing bass, I say hi, turns out he's Phil Chen. I say "Oh yeah, Rod Stewart, cool." We're playing, it gets into one of those little jam together things, blues and such. I start playing...
  19. Tom Gross

    Have you played with any "famous" musicians?

    I've told this story before. I was a bass player in college, just moving to guitar. The first person I ever jammed with on guitar was Steve Morse. Also the rest of his band (Dregs to be). He was a student there and we shared a practice room. He handed me his SG and used my roomate's Strat...
  20. Tom Gross

    Did Hendrix tune down to E flat to record All Along the Watchtower?

    Well, that's what Dave Mason and Eddie Kramer say.
  21. Tom Gross

    How to Shawn Lane

    Love his stuff. I always found him one of the most interesting of the super fast shredders. While many were deedly-deedly speed freaks, he was a master with interesting lines and interesting things to say, who also happened to be among the fastest. He also was a great appreciator of classic...
  22. Tom Gross

    Question for Those that Have the Digitech Trio Plus...

    Maybe not helpful, but I use two amps and a simple switcher, with the Trio + after the pedalboard & switcher into a clean amp. A solid state practice amp will do. Then I just switch to the other amp and have my whole pedalboard and my good amp by itself for the leads.
  23. Tom Gross

    Wishbone Ash

    I listen to Argus all the time, even though in my head I can sing along to every note.

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