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  1. Trotter

    FS GE 5U4 Rectifier Tubes

    Lot of (4) GE 5U4 Tubes 3 were made in 1956, 1 is dated 1957 All test strong with no issues on my Mercury model 1000 tester $88 for all 4. Priority shipping is included!
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  6. Trotter

    What “dethroned” your King of Tone?

    The TC Jauernig Gristle King sounded better to my ears. Also had more range/versatility.
  7. Trotter

    WGS Veteran 30. You like it?

    WGS Retro 30's are awesome. I prefer it to the Celestion V30 The WGS Vet30 has noticeably less high-end and sounds a bit lifeless. Not a huge fan of that one All that said, if you want the most balls out rock speaker from WGS, the ET-90 is it!
  8. Trotter

    What happened to Allen Amplification?

    His amps certainly don't have any "sag"
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  12. Trotter

    Sold Paul C Timmy V3 = $175

    Excellent+ condition Never gigged or left my smoke-free studio Includes box & paperwork $175 + $10 for Priority Shipping I can accept Paypal or Venmo (for an additional discount)
  13. Trotter

    Sold Skreddy Screw Driver & Dynamic Mids Enhancer

    Both are in great shape and work perfectly! Priced low for a quick sale! Screw Driver = $105 shipped Dynamic Mids Enhancer = $95 shipped want both? = $185 for both... priority shipped in the USA
  14. Trotter

    Sold 4 Awesome Pedals = $49 each shipped

    Steal all 4 of these pedals for only $196... thats $49 per pedal I’ll pay for USPS Priority Shipping This deal is sold only as a lot Barber Direct Drive Way Huge Swollen Pickle TC Jauernig Luxury Drive M Ambience FD 900 Delay & Reverb
  15. Trotter

    Buyer wants to inspect amp chassis?

    Just take some good pics and give them to the potential buyer. Easy as that! If that's not good enough, tell him to move along!
  16. Trotter

    FS TC Jauernig - Luxury Drive

    Both pedals are in excellent condition and have never left my smoke-free home studio. I'm the original owner and purchased them directly from Tim Jauernig. Luxury Drive- $99 This pedal is really something special! I even A/B'd it to the Klon and preferred what the Luxury Drive did. It's like...
  17. Trotter

    Sold TC Jauernig Gristle King

    Amazing Overdrive/Distortion/Boost al in one box This pedal has a huge range and is a lot of fun. Boost is independent or stackable with the drive side As I understand it, this is the latest version (3A) This is the more expensive hand wired version. They sell new for $349 new... I’ll take...
  18. Trotter

    Hiwatt in a box

    Lumpy’s Tone Shop “Leeds Boost” at 18V it’s killer ... very much Hiwatt in a box (I own 2 vintage Hiwatts).
  19. Trotter

    Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE owners thread: Experience, biases, amps, tones, settings, stacking etc.

    Ok, so running the Revival straight into the Fryette PowerStation is glorious. A42AE430-39BE-4B93-B4C6-CF96E420EBE4 by Trotter posted Jun 29, 2020 at 5:11 PM
  20. A42AE430-39BE-4B93-B4C6-CF96E420EBE4


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