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  1. Shiny McShine

    Should you always play and practice with your body in physical motion?

    Most people have very disjointed body movement. Studying with a world champion level dance coach can teach about full body integration and help to avoid things like breaking your body line, dead zones, bad posture, and asynchronous movement. Most people I've seen playing guitar don't really...
  2. Shiny McShine

    "Rock music is in its jazz phase"

    Yes, I agree, it's in it's jazz phase. I knew it when grown men at Bonamassa concerts were playing blow up doll guitars (icky).
  3. Shiny McShine

    Have you ever offered unsolicited tone and/or playing advice? (updated)

    Don't explain. Don't complain. Comments on someones playing, tone, approach, etc. only work if the above doesn't end up happening.
  4. Shiny McShine

    Dumb Question

    I think the bigger question would be "Is there tone after death?"
  5. Shiny McShine

    Did you ever love a pedal so much that you

    RE OP: Yes, but I stopped that. However, I still do it with amps though never with a guitar.
  6. Shiny McShine

    Craigslist is coming through

    I've still been having very good results with CL myself. A teaching ad is also producing students for a friend too though not super often.
  7. Shiny McShine

    5E3, where have you been all my life? Clark content!

    I love mine and would never part with it. The problem is that it gives this tactile thing back to your ear and when I try to like Katanas and other modelers, they can't even come close. Crap, I'm spoiled.
  8. Shiny McShine

    Who influenced Evh's stage presence?

    Richard Simmons?
  9. Shiny McShine

    Creative guitar help, not lessons

    That's how my friend has been operating. It really connects for the older men and women who don't like clock watching. Also, it seems to fit the times more, that is, people doing this are looking for more of a mentor than a teacher and it starts to look like life coaching on guitar. Good...
  10. Shiny McShine

    I have officially played my worst gig. What are your stories?

    I've had quite a few worst gigs but nothing topped what happened at this one church I was at for five years. This guy showed up who was a math player and week after week, I felt my soul being sucked out of my body. As this happened, I got all these weird muscle cramps and my left side all but...
  11. Shiny McShine

    Katana 100 vs Quilter MicroPro 200 Mach 2 - 12

    I finally got to try a Katana and I couldn't work with for a second. It totally leaves me cold and sounds sterile to me. Damn it; I really wanted to like that amp. I guess there's not much that can match a 66 Princeton Reverb or a 57 Deluxe set up right.
  12. Shiny McShine

    Praise and Worship Question

    RE: OP... Yes, first off, it's low hanging fruit to get that sound. Also, keeping in mind that P&W is a very specialized form of accompaniment (to the congregation's singing), those textural sounds fit in really well no matter what's going on. Echo also imposes its own rhythm when most of those...
  13. Shiny McShine

    Had a tube literally split itself open

    Was there an evidence of an alien gesticulation prior?
  14. Shiny McShine

    When You've Lost the Will to Live (on TGP)

    These responses all made me laugh a lot.
  15. Shiny McShine

    When You've Lost the Will to Live (on TGP)

    I have all the Holy Grail stuff; now there's no reason to be here.
  16. Shiny McShine

    Talent or good work ethic?

    Those poll percentages really tell a lot about the musicality of the TGP members. Of course, the best thing is to have natural intuitive gifting and a severe issue with self worth. That combination makes for the really compulsive practicing necessary to achieve anything extraordinary.
  17. Shiny McShine

    The Hendrix Chord

    Wasn't it really the Ellington chord?
  18. Shiny McShine

    TGP songwriters, you play multiple instruments, write great vocal melodies, but subpar lyrics?

    Great songwriters don't find things to say by hanging out here. They hang out at Cannes, Sundance, or Compton.
  19. Shiny McShine

    What Pickup Should I Use

    How odd, I've just gone down this path somewhat by proxy. Singer/writer can't afford a guitar so the drummer found a really nice sounding Blueridge and gave it to him with a Bill Lawrence clip-on sound-hole PU. It fell out during a show. I found a Sunrise S-2 on CL for a good price. The bass...
  20. Shiny McShine

    Why do people play so poorly in Guitar Center ?

    Regarding the OP: GC's target consumer is not the seasoned professional player, that's all.
  21. Shiny McShine

    The Ultimate Schmaltz Set List!!!

    If there's one thing that has the sweet smell of success these days, it's novelty acts so here's a start on a set list-- It's Not Unusual Brandy Kentucky Woman What's New Pussycat Patches Mr. Beaujangles Crocodile Rock C'mon Eileen (Extended Version) To really work, the singer is going to have...
  22. Shiny McShine

    Is rock guitar becoming endangered?

    It died the moment the first school teaching it appeared.
  23. Shiny McShine

    Cool Use for iPhone Peterson Strobotuner

    I've tried searching before and could never seem to locate the EQ band. I know why now. I was sweeping through too fast and would just go right by it and never pick it up. Next time I try to just explore, I'm going to slow way down. Of course, when you're in the battle, it's easy to get kind of...
  24. Shiny McShine

    Best transparent OD for a Jazzmaster into a '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb?

    Mythical Overdrive -> Bogner Wessex I've actually run this direct at one church service and it felt like an natural amp. I use Blackfaces and like the little scoop they have. These pedals don't interfere at all. You may get some flame over the word transparent but I like it. Another way to say...

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