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  1. Woodyworld

    Observation from reading tons of Dumble threads...

    And that should be all that counts - no matter what the set up. If you've found a tone that allows you to express what your hearing and feeling with no barriers then that's utopia.
  2. Woodyworld

    Observation from reading tons of Dumble threads...

    Fair enough Tag :) In all honesty these threads are fun - but they can be amusing too. I was bitten by the whole dumble thing for many years obsessing over every new bit of gear - every photo showing the settings - NOS tubes, Caps, lead lengths, new builders etc. It was a fun Journey and...
  3. Woodyworld

    Observation from reading tons of Dumble threads...

    It's already been covered - I have two clones and the cleans are indeed superb. I agree, most clone pedals I've bought leave me wanting - They're usually compressed and very heavy on the mids - not like the amps. However, I do like the Dumble tone - love the way they record and cut live -...
  4. Woodyworld

    Observation from reading tons of Dumble threads...

    Ah that's interesting. Have to say the opposite is true for me. Ethos is the only pedal I've had that comes anywhere near the Bludotone's I have for feel and drive tones. The amps are of course better - But I can use the Ethos with other clean amps and feel comfortable 99% of the time...
  5. Woodyworld

    Alternatives to a Two Rock?

    I have a Bella and it's a superb amp especially live. However this fella was referencing Two Rock and think they're quite different. (Personally I would take the Bella over the Two Rocks for live -but one mans....etc)
  6. Woodyworld

    Alternatives to a Two Rock?

    I did but only very briefly whilst trying out a guitar. They put me though it knowing I had the Satin. It did sound nice but I didn't spend enough time with it to give a decent review. I remember it breaking up much easier so you could get those cleans with a bit of hair...that was real...
  7. Woodyworld

    Suhr Bella

    Marked as 240 on the back..
  8. Woodyworld

    Suhr Bella

    Ah darn I hadn't realised they were inside. - that's perfect many thanks.
  9. Woodyworld

    Suhr Bella

    Not sure f this has been covered - have searched but can't find information. Does anyone know what the bias /readings would be for Bella running at UK 230/240 volts ? I've used the Bella on a number of gigs and it's sounded glorious, but on the last few it's sounded odd. Done the usual...
  10. Woodyworld

    Alternatives to a Two Rock?

    Not sure if your looking for the drive from your amp or you use a pedal. Have you tried the Carol-Anne Satin. One of the best clean platforms I've come across. I would have thought you could pickup one up second hand within your budget. Had a number of Two Rocks across the years - The Satin...
  11. Woodyworld

    A little bebop on a Friday

    Very nice indeed sir :-)
  12. Woodyworld

    Sat Clip "What's Going On"

    Haha - no it's not a Brit term Chuck. The UK has a a talent show called the 'The Voice' as you guys do there. Will I am (Black Eyed peas) used the term to describe a singer called jazz Ellington - he said he had 'Soul on a Pole' - it's a snappy phrase that stuck. So actually it's coined...
  13. Woodyworld

    Friday Clip #3 - (late)...

    I haven't been here for ages and in that time you've shot up 12 levels Les! tasty, tasty, tasty...........................did I say how tasty that was?
  14. Woodyworld

    Blues MD w/ Collings I35lc

    Well you got the top dogs saying it and I'll throw my cards in too. lovely :-)
  15. Woodyworld


    Man that takes me back. I spent many an hour listening this tune and dreaming as a kid. Nailed it - really did. Bravo.
  16. Woodyworld

    another tune

    Really rich vocal and some mighty tasty guitar playing. Top shelf. put 'a smile on my face'
  17. Woodyworld

    Corners for Herbie

    Tasty :-) (less is always more)
  18. Woodyworld

    Sat Clip "What's Going On"

    Pete nailed it and I concur. 'Soul on a pole'
  19. Woodyworld

    Some "Blues changes" and some "Bird Changes"

    Smooth....... I wanted more and was robbed. Well you know I'm a fan, everything you do is gold
  20. Woodyworld

    Chupacabra bounce

    Lovekraft Chupacabra? Obviously not keeping up or getting here enough. No idea what it is - but enjoyed the track and tones.
  21. Woodyworld

    Some Jazz Blowin' on the 335......

    Ah...... lovely. Superb playing Mike as always. HNY to ya - hopefully catch you live again at some point.
  22. Woodyworld

    Tunes and Tones of 2011 :-) Happy New Year!

    HNY Dave, Might be because I haven't been back for so long but the quality of your recording's hit me. really nice. Tasty playing as always, Gonna leave them running while i have a browse- you have been a busy lad
  23. Woodyworld

    Live vid from the other night

    Superb. For a first outing i'm impressed you got that dialled so great. Usually takes a few for me to hone things. Joseph said it -you should be touring with the big cats, won't be long I'm sure.
  24. Woodyworld

    Warm up take and real take

    Interesting the things I've picked up from your response here Chuck. I spend considerable time recording and yet despite the familiarity of it I still find the whole process odd to get to grips with mentally. I think your absolutely right - to capture true spontaneity you have to almost not...

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