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  1. Redbell

    Post your vintage es 330’s

    Lovely instruments, let's see whatcha got!
  2. Redbell

    My default Strat volume setting is 8.

    Volume & tone turned down, amp turned up - that's a big part of the Jeff Beck tone. Congrats on discovering it yourself, it was a shock to me how much better Strats sound that way!
  3. Redbell

    You can only buy one it USA Fender, PRS Silver Sky or Suhr Classic???

    Suhr if I could spec it out, PRS off the rack most likely unless I just stumbled on a killer Fender (but that hasn't happened in a while.)
  4. Redbell

    NGD BarnBuster by Ron Kirn

    Congrats, enjoy, looks like a keeper!
  5. Redbell

    Some people seem to be embarrassed to admit they like Heavy Metal... why is that?

    I'll take the classic stuff starting with Black Sabbath's debut masterpiece all the way up to where the grunge and hip-hop stuff starts showing up (1969 - 1990 approximately?) Once the influence of earlier music styles goes away, I leave with it.
  6. Redbell

    Favorite product placement in a song?

    Daddy said son you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that ...
  7. Redbell

    What classic albums do you love, with horrible guitar tone?

    Black Sabbath - Born Again the whole production is just OFF.
  8. Redbell

    When was the last time you bought a CD?

    Allan Holdsworth Blues For Tony about a month ago.
  9. Redbell

    Blackberry Smoke- Take the Highway

    Nice version, hadn't heard that song in quite some time.
  10. Redbell

    Fender Mustang or Duo-sonic?

    You're going to have to hit the stores & try as many of both as you can find, happy hunting!
  11. Redbell

    Jon Butcher - Wishes

    Should have been a huge star, great stuff!
  12. Redbell

    Underappreciated guitar models

    Taylor T3 = kinda like a cross between a Gretsch and a ES-335. Available with Bigsby for extra giggles for those so inclined. Check one out.
  13. Redbell

    So who saw the Beatles live (in person) ???

    I didn't but I used to work with a gentleman who was stationed in England when they started. He said him and his girlfriend at the time went to dinner and then ducked into "The Cavern" for a few drinks afterwards and The Beatles were the evening's entertainment. Stunned, I asked him what he...
  14. Redbell

    Allman Brothers live 1982

    My first ABB show was December of 82, with Molly Hatchet opening, Redneck Boogie!
  15. Redbell

    Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush

    Juggernaut, Live & Tales of The Unexpected are a fine starter trio. Great guitarist, talented songwriter, decent vocalist. He never had a Big Hit Single, unfortunately. Iff he had, he would be out there on the road like so many of that 70's crowd playing the sheds or at the very least, the...
  16. Redbell

    Danger with Bigsby Style Trem

    Never pull UP on a Bigsby or bad things could happen - at least that's what I have been told!
  17. Redbell

    Ibanez PIA Released- New Steve Vai Model

    Sweetwater is taking pre-orders at $3499, line forms to the left boys.
  18. Redbell

    wow Beck, Stewart old school studio film

    Love Truth & Beckola!
  19. Redbell

    New Wayne Krantz Album Coming In January

    I like what I'm hearing, will give serious consideration to this one. Anybody use his book?
  20. Redbell

    Back In Black! (FBGC)

    Stunner, enjoy!
  21. Redbell

    Bing Crosby and David Bowie, "Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth"

    One of the finest Christmas moments ever IMHO!
  22. Redbell

    What does EVH think about Pete Townshend’s statements about Heavy Metal?

    Doubt he cares, I bet he's concentrating on his health and whatever the next EVH guitar product may be.
  23. Redbell

    Pete Townshend

    Good Old Pete, never at a loss for controversial quotes is he? Less talk, more rock Mr. Townshend. BTW, the new album is a decent listen.
  24. Redbell

    Where does Gibbons tone on Rythymeen fall for you?

    The finest moment they've had since they hit MTV (or it hit them, whichever way you wanna go with that?)
  25. Redbell

    Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous

    Under-rated, definitely!

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