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  1. Dickie Fredericks

    What do you look for in a backing track?

    Then its an 8 minute song. Sure I can fade for a clip to YT but live... Fades are bad.
  2. Dickie Fredericks

    What do you look for in a backing track?

    A proper beginning and ending. I dont dig the fades on the ends.
  3. Dickie Fredericks

    "Just Got Paid" Riff

    To avoid the open d and g in the position at the second fret. Like smolder said... the tone is different.
  4. Dickie Fredericks

    Axe FX II still good?

    The II will sound wonderful. XL or XL+ as has been mentioned. I still think the II sounds better than other modellers. Just my opinion though.
  5. Dickie Fredericks

    Who's your favorite YouTube and Social Media Guitar Influencer?

    Peter Farrell Jens Larsen Ben Eller (mostly for the fun of it all) There are others but I pretty much catch anything the first two are doing.
  6. Dickie Fredericks

    Interesting Adam Neely vid on Theory...

    Playing this probably since I was 14 yrs old. Works over everything. Now I'm learning to use all 12 all the time heh. Interesting video with some great points. Don't agree with some of it. I always just thought music theory was music theory and had no race attached to any of it as none of it...
  7. Dickie Fredericks

    List your CD here

    Released a year ago. I guess I never put it on here. Playlist on YT. We did a video for each track too. Available for purchase at the usual places.... Tracks 4, 6 and 9 are favorites.
  8. Dickie Fredericks

    What guitar scale to start with...

    Triads. All of them. All over the neck.
  9. Dickie Fredericks

    The Fractal team is kicking so much ass with the Axe FX 3 it should be illegal

    No really, Ive been good. I have (2) invitations right now for the FM3 and havent pulled the trigger for 1 much less the 3 I could buy and sell to pay for the 4th one. hehe.
  10. Dickie Fredericks

    George Benson method, Peter Farrell

    All I know is that I watch alot of YT teachers for entertainment and learning of course and I really enjoy watching his videos. Ive actually learned a bit from his lessons. I also really enjoy the videos where he is just playing. He is pretty amazing IMO
  11. Dickie Fredericks

    The Fractal team is kicking so much ass with the Axe FX 3 it should be illegal

    Ive had my III for a year now I guess. I was just thinking the other day how much I have no desire to buy ANY guitar gear right now.
  12. Dickie Fredericks

    Are you still learning to play guitar at ___ yrs old? How and why?

    I started at age 7 so that was I guess '73 (Just turned 54 on Monday and yes, same birthdate as Leo Fender) Im sure my 10 years or so on TGP would reveal a bunch of threads related to learning. Ive posted about a few of my teachers. I am still taking lessons (had one today in fact) because it's...
  13. Dickie Fredericks

    Descending ii V I - Jazz guys question

    It's been the most freeing thing musically that has happened to me in some time. I am in the Chord Movement Bootcamp Level 1 now and the Level 2 and at that point I will have spent 64 weeks on this new way of doing things. I still get a private lesson every quarter with Jordan. Love the monthly...
  14. Dickie Fredericks

    Descending ii V I - Jazz guys question

    Melodic triads. Triad of each chord, add tension note. Those are your 4 skyscrapers. Feel free to spiderman between the 4 all day. Starting to really work for me.
  15. Dickie Fredericks

    Sold Your FM 3? Why?

    The only thing right now I do not like about the FM3 is the single Amp model at a time. My presets I make for the III are all morphing presets between two amps. It just works better for me.
  16. Dickie Fredericks

    Mateus Asato's Signature "Squiggle Bend" - Simple Lesson

    Squiggle bend. Hmmm. OK. It has a name LOL
  17. Dickie Fredericks

    How was SRV's "In Step" received during it's first few years?

    Still covering Crossfire... Id say it was a hit.
  18. Dickie Fredericks

    "Easy to use" and "sounds good". You can('t(?)) have them both!

    I find them all easy to use. The Fractal is not hard at all. Those who say it is... well, I dont know. I can start a new preset and build a tone in just a few minutes. Could do it with the GSP, The Helix (though I never really liked them much), Bias. Any of them.
  19. Dickie Fredericks

    What’s your first two songs of the night ...cover band

    Hello There Tell Me Whats On Your Mind
  20. Dickie Fredericks

    Alex Van Halen

    He is awesome because he has his own thing. You hear the drums and you know who that is. Perfect for that band and probably several other bands too.
  21. Dickie Fredericks


    That was a great tune and some excellent playing for the song drumming right there. Very awesome all the way around.
  22. Dickie Fredericks

    Great White have gig with no masks or distancing

    LOL... I wouldn't wear a mask. But then again, I wouldn't be going to see Great White.
  23. Dickie Fredericks

    Paul Gilbert: Metal is more harmonically limited vs. the Blues

    Heh, Ive told the story before... I took lessons from the same guy that taught Kerry. In fact, Ive recently tried to get in touch with Kerry to see if he can help us find our teacher. A few of us are looking for him. I tend to agree with Paul here but my goal is to use all 12 notes. Not because...
  24. Dickie Fredericks


    Anyone ever use this? Ive seen some decent videos but wanted some opinions from here if possible. Id be looking for someone to track drums mostly.
  25. Dickie Fredericks

    How many of you have read the sticky thread on Music Theory made Simple?

    It is a pretty amazing piece. Book form would be a seller I think. A great resource for sure.

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