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    Question relating to plastic fingerpicks

    The Alaska picks are cool because you put it on your finger and then use a nail file to shape the "nail" how you prefer, and the fingertip side is wedged between your finger and your nail, so you get very good control *almost* as if it were your real fingernail...
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    how old is this Gibson?? is a good free photo-hosting website.
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    Question relating to plastic fingerpicks

    I used Alaska picks for a while when I had fingernail breakage and needed to play classical guitar... Those are the only ones I have experience with.
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    1960s Martin D-18...Cost

    Why would you buy an OLD guitar for $3k when you could get a BRAND NEW guitar at $3k??? :)
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    Pulling the trigger on a Bourgeois JOMC

    I have the same case for the OM-18 style. It is cool! Glad you like your new guit... and the Bourgeois are tremendous values. I found mine for $1200 on ebay years ago... it is a less fancy guitar than yours, black binding, mahogany back/sides... part of the "18" mystique I guess!
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    Pulling the trigger on a Bourgeois JOMC

    So, did you get it yet? What do you think?
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    Pulling the trigger on a Bourgeois JOMC

    I really like my Bourgeois OM-18... I'm sure your JOMC will be a fine, fine instrument.
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    Martin guitars...WTF ?

    I think Larivee is one of the better makers out there and would look to them before "pay for the name" brands like Martin or Gibson. For now, I'm still plenty pacified by the Bourgeois OM-18 I've had for about 6 years now...
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    Martin guitars...WTF ?

    I think the Big Box stores probably don't set up the guitars as well or have too many people !@#%ing around with them... I played a EC sig. model that just didn't seem nice at all at a GC. It was a $3k guitar or something. But I don't blame Martin... I still prefer my Bourgeois OM-18 I found...
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    Chet Atkins SST et al

    How about one of these: $1249 w/ gig bag here. I played an SST and was not all that impressed. I did like a Godin I played at a store, though.
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    Martin guitars...WTF ?

    Bourgeois makes some sweet guitars alright...
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    I have an Amalio Burguet that's really nice. It's a cosmetic 2nd due to a burl in the top woodgrain, he exports them somebody in the US that sells them to students at an affordable price. His normal guitars are probably amazing, but you don't see many classicals around in shops compared to...
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    Martin guitars...WTF ?

    I have a tasty '74 Martin D-12-20 12 string and a Bourgeois (who used to work at Martin running the vintage recreation department IIRC) OM-18 style... a guy whose shop I feel is on par with any in the nation told me that it was the closest he'd played to a pre-war OM-18 since the last time he'd...
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    How much did your main axe cost ya?

    $1200 for the Bourgeois OM-18 style guitar, but it was right after the shop he'd signed a bad contract with had started selling imported guitars with his name on the headstock, so all the values of his stateside instruments were out of whack for a while... My other main (acoustic) guitar is an...
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    How much did your main axe cost ya?

    Amalio Burguet (Spanish) classical, a cosmetic 2nd, used $400. Bourgeois OM-18 style, (not import), used, ebay, $1200 PRS McCarty Rosewood, used (TGP), $1900?
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    Best "In-Case" Humidifier?
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    Looking for inexpensive classical guitar

    Amalio Burguet exports his guitars from Spain with cosmetic flaws in the wood (otherwise fine guitars) at lower prices for students. I have one that I got from another student, he paid $800 and sold it to me for $400... it's a great classical guitar, I'm not sure if there's any info on his...
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    Martin 000-16GT/Martin 000-18

    I got a Bourgeois OM-18 style guitar for $1200 on ebay a few years ago... love it!
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    New OM

    Collings are very nice... I really wanted a good OM for my acoustic and wound up about 6 years ago with a Dana Bourgeois mahogany/spruce OM... the guy at my guitar shop in nashville (Joe Glaser) said it was the closest he's heard to a pre-WWII OM-18 since he'd played the real thing... I have no...
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    OMs and 000s

    I paid $1200 for my Bourgeois OM-18 style guitar... it's got mahogany back/sides and sounds and plays beautifully... I've had a few offers, but none I would take!
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    Mahogany Guitars

    I have a GREAT Bourgeois OM-18 style guitar... it's got mahogany and sounds great for fingerpicking. Not 3-D sounding like some of the high end fancier wood guitars, where it sounds like the high end and bass are coming from different places, but a great sound on tap. Great bass response, but...
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    On Buying a Lowden O25c (I hope)

    Definitely try a Bourgeois... Dana makes incredible instruments... a shop so reputable around the high-end Nashville music scene that the only sign reads "Yes" or "No," (Joe Glaser guitars, off East Iris) said that my OM-18 style Bourgeois was the closest he's played/heard to a real pre-war...
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    capo recomendations

    I have a Keyser that I bought to fit my classical guitar (to make it sound more like a vihuela for baroque pieces)... I don't like the sound anywhere near as well as I liked my old Shubb (which was stolen), though I think the Keyser is the only option for classical guitar necks? If I felt the...
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    Best non-invasive pickup for my Bourgeois OM-18?

    I think I like the iMix system, I just finished reading the manual... It seems like a system worthy of permanent installation on a treasured instrument... I think I will also buy the K&K "hot harmonica" harmonica transducer for my Melodica (it's only $39!)...
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    Best non-invasive pickup for my Bourgeois OM-18?

    I checked out the shop I like and am considering the L.R. Baggs active i-beam system... I think it will be a nice pickup, anybody else use one? I could put one in my classical guitar as well, though I'd really like a Wendler classical model (at $1199, sheesh!)... I think I will be very...