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  1. jcj

    Anderson Guitars Custom Build - Help on Options

    I would call Anderson and speak withRoy or Tom. They will 100% steer you in the right direction.
  2. jcj

    FT Suhr Carve Top Standard (looking for a Tyler)

    Any local L.A. folks looking for a great Suhr? :)
  3. jcj

    Who knows Anderson guitars?

    @cragginshred I’ve had the Angel, and a couple of Cobras over the years, and the 24 fretted certainly had a more pronounced cutaway, however, I never felt any meaningful difference in the Angel vs . my Classic (same 25.5 scale); I don’t think it would be an issue.
  4. jcj

    Who knows Anderson guitars?

    The Cobra is a 24.75 inch scale, so definitely some difference in feel. Unless you’re very sensitive, it should be an easy adaptation. edit- just saw you had an Arc Angel. Should be minimal difference.
  5. jcj

    FT Suhr Carve Top Standard (looking for a Tyler)

    Hi all- I purchased this for my son about 6 months ago, but he’s found another guitar he’d like instead; clearly, he’s one of us. ;) Mahogany body and neck Maple top Jumbo stainless steel frets 1.65 nut ML standard neck and middle Thornbucker Plus Bridge Looking for a Tyler If you’re in the...
  6. jcj

    Should I devote time to learn shell and open voicing

    Agree completely. Learn the notes on the neck, and triads, and the world opens up, considerably.
  7. jcj

    Warmoth Build

    Cool project!
  8. jcj

    How long has your number 1 guitar been your number 1?

    My Anderson Classic was the guitar I played 95% of the time for the last 11 years. I finally had to change it up last summer, as the neck profile (shoulders) aggravated some tendon issues, and made any meaningful practice too painful. At some point, I may have the shoulders knocked down or the...
  9. jcj

    NGD - James Tyler Studio Elite 2021

  10. jcj

    Have you ever felt guilty buying a guitar ?

    I wouldn't say guilty, but I've felt foolish. My main guitar (played 90% of the time) has changed once, since 2011, and that's only because my old one started causing some significant hand pain. I keep looking at new ones (occasionally buying) , but I know they'll be relegated to to sitting...
  11. jcj

    It's been a good week.

    Congrats, on a great week , and it’s only Tuesday! :D
  12. jcj

    Recommend me a guitar Painter/Finisher. EBMM EVH Content

    Pat Wilkins does amazing work, and is very reasonable.
  13. jcj

    How long did it take you to be able to play 7th chords arpeggios fluently?

    I'd suggest getting the solo app from Tom Quayle. I just grabbed it last night, and it does exactly what you're looking for, in any order you'd like. Well worth the $15, IMO.
  14. jcj

    Frustrated by my lack of focus & stick-to-it-ivity

    Sounds like you need to find something that actually holds your interest. Pick something you love, and see if that doesn't help!
  15. jcj

    Guitarists who are good singers

    Richie Kotzen fits the bill as a solid singer, oviously a great player, as well.
  16. jcj

    Im in a G.A.S. moment

    Trade without a second thought. :)
  17. jcj

    Im in a G.A.S. moment

    Have you tried the R9 In question?
  18. jcj


    That neck! :love:
  19. jcj

    NGD! PRS Wood Library

    Awesome! Happy Birthday!
  20. jcj

    NGD: PRS with humbuckers…I must be losing my mind!!

    Congrats on the new addition! A 594 DC is likely my next guitar; headed to play a bunch next weekend. The used market is nuts these days, so looks like I’ll be buying new. ;)
  21. jcj

    2021 purchase plans

    Definitely in the market for a double cut, 24.75 (ish) scale, something or other. :love:
  22. jcj

    Weigh in on my vintage refin dilemma

    100% refin, in my book. You‘ll have something you really dig, when it’s done!