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    Favourite Session Player Solos

    David Lindley--Running on Empty
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    What effects have helped you compose music?

    Boomerang III El Capistan Dig
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    Npd: Mu-fx Tru Tron 3x

    Tru Tron absolutely wipes the floor with every other Envelope filter I've tried...
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    Who repairs tape echos in the Bay Area?

    Peter Miller at CAE sound in San Mateo can probably do that. (650) 348-2737. I've known Peter for 15 years, he does excellent work and is the definition of a stand up guy.
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    Scott Henderson and VERTEX

    Now that's a power trio! Can't wait to hear it.
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP part II.

    With Jim Keltner on drums!
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    gurus echosex 2 delay

    Tap Tempo and I'm severely tempted...
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    OH NO!!! I've got the GAS again.... Envelope Filters/AutoWahs???

    Tru Tron ended the envelope filter search for me...
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    Hard Trucker Cabinets who's got one?

    I too have come to like the oval backed cabs for lower powered "colored" speakers and the HT style cabs for my EV's/JBL's. I haven't actually played through the HT cabs. I have a SSP 1x12. As soon as I played through it I was hooked and it is now my go to for clean EV or JBL applications...
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    The amazing thing for me with the Vertex cables was the difference in the behavior of my overdriven tones. More sustain, better clarity, and just better tone in my rig.
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    Pondering my first TAG - wood choices?

    And, if you like Tele bodies but want the strat pickguard definitely consider a mongrel or Drop Top Mongrel.
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    Pondering my first TAG - wood choices?

    Call Anderson, talk to Roy, he and Tom will not steer you wrong...Let us know what you decide!
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    Tom Anderson M-series pickups

    Turn your guitar volume down to about 7 and turn the treble up and the bass off on your amp. That should get you pretty close to single coils with the M1.