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  1. Wiz-ski

    George Harrison All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary edition

    8LP box set preordered immediately
  2. Wiz-ski

    Pedals you thought were the be all and end all, but didn’t last on your board

    OCD. It keeps making a reappearance too - i just took my 3rd one of the board recently.
  3. Wiz-ski

    Are you happy that you never "made it big"? Ie: Rolling Stones, Bad Company, Metallica, Johnny Cash. Known nationally/world wide 30 to 60 years

    The only time i'm unhappy about never making it big is at the end of the night when i have to pack up my own ****.
  4. Wiz-ski

    Let's talk "backup" gear

    I play with a 65 AC30 head and cab, and after a tube going down during a gig a few years back, i carry two back up options, and both are compact enough to throw in the bag: Direct out of pedalboard option: Mic'd amp backup:
  5. Wiz-ski

    The best engineered records, according to you

    My favorite records from an engineering standpoint are records where you can hear the room....the 2 that come to mind for me always are:
  6. Wiz-ski

    U2 at Red Rocks - Fully remastered audio/video

    I wish I could go back to those days and count how many times I watched this VHS tape. What a show....
  7. Wiz-ski

    Favorite intros?

  8. Wiz-ski

    John Mayer, Grammy's, Dumble...

    DId this thread really turn into a Clapton vs Mayer discussion? Two guys who respect each other...who've collaborated with each other.....jammed together, etc?
  9. Wiz-ski

    Your top 3 concept albums?

    Beatles - Sgt Pepper Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Kendrick Lamar - How to Pimp a Butterfly
  10. Wiz-ski

    New Video - Installing a Grado Cartridge on a VPI Prime Scout

    Main system - Clearaudio Concept w/ Dynavector DV 10x5 Headphone system - Fluance RT81 w/ Ortofon Red
  11. Wiz-ski

    Which are your guitar manufacturers in your collection? List them here.

    Electric: Gibson Fender Epiphone Rickenbacker Gretsch Acoustic: Martin Gibson Epiphone
  12. Wiz-ski

    I want to make it as a pedal youtuber but have no cash to buy pedals to review

    hahah, you too - maybe we have the same last name?
  13. Wiz-ski

    I want to make it as a pedal youtuber but have no cash to buy pedals to review

    This right here was my thought - make some vids with what you have - share portfolio to pedal builders. This will really tell you if you're a good reviewer. If you're good, they'd be happy to send you loaners to review.
  14. Wiz-ski

    Vintage guitars- Gig with them or leave at home?

    Gig'em all - especially the vintage stuff
  15. Wiz-ski

    what is the most expensive guitar you'd take to a gig

    My number 1 is a 66 Epiphone Casino, and I couldn't imagine NOT gigging it. They all get gigged.
  16. Wiz-ski

    Give me your explanation for the vinyl/turntable renaissance

    I haven't read through all the responses here, so I may be reiterating something already said, but - and sound quality aside - i think that glare has worn off of this idea of unlimited, immediate consumption. for instance, new album comes out on Friday, and you pull up your Apple Music /...
  17. Wiz-ski

    What do you us to carry your accessories (cables, capos, tuners, picks, extra strings etc...)?

    For my pedal board i had a flight case custom built to the size of my handmade pedalboard. For cables, picks, capos, mouth harps, etc i've been using a Targus laptop bag simliar to the pic below.