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  1. Shinequwa

    Petersen Cabinets Praise! Super Champ head conversion

    Long overdue. I had Matt build me a killer 2x12 cab, and then he rehoused my Fender Super Champ into a head. I found a piece of flamed redwood and sent everything to him. This is not the best picture, but it turned out gorgeous! He is great to deal with. Excellent communication, craftsmanship...
  2. Shinequwa

    "Pick Dynamic" Amp recommendations?

    I've never been much of guitar volume knob guy in terms of going from dirt to clean by rolling the knob. I am more at home having it dimed and control my clean/dirt by how hard or soft I play. I do use a pedal for leads, but prefer no dirt pedal for any rhythm tones. My Top Hat Super Deluxe does...
  3. Shinequwa

    Tremolo Pedal close to a Gibson Skylark GA5??

    Long shot. I have a 1963 Gibson Skylark GA5 that I absolutely adore. The tremolo is just so smooth, sweet and dynamic. Anybody by chance know of a trem pedal that aims to go in similar territory? For reference, I've had a Rockett J Smith, Pentavocal, and Cool Cat. I currently own a Keely TR-2...
  4. Shinequwa

    Is this really a Marshall cab?

    You guys that know Marshalls... wondering if you could tell me anything about this cab. I got it in a trade and did it just for the speakers. I'm not all the experienced with 4x12 cabs, but I'm assuming this is not really a Marshall. Can anybody tell me anything about it and what the board in...
  5. Shinequwa

    Recommend practice amp for direct recording that mutes speaker

    I have a Fender Super Champ XD, which is a cool little amp. It bothers me that I can't record direct without being able to mute the speaker. Any recommendations for killer little amps that will allow me to get a number of great tones, be good for home practice, and also work for silent recording?
  6. Shinequwa

    Fender Twin Silverface 71' disconnect reverb pan?

    I'm thinking of rehousing my Twin to a headshell, and since I don't use reverb anymore, I'd like to do it without the reverb pan. Is it safe to disconnect it and run the amp without it? I read somewhere that if I do this, that I should also remove the 12AT7 tube at the same time. Can anybody...
  7. Shinequwa

    Pedaltrain Mini and Voodoo Labs PP2+ underneath

    Has anybody just put bigger feet on the back of one of these to get it to fit the PP2+ underneath without any intensive mods and cutting etc....??? I'm curious if it would work. I really want to downsize my board.
  8. Shinequwa

    Muddy Telecaster Bridge Pickup suggestion

    Hoping somebody can help me out....I have this Squier guitar (Vintage Modified Telecaster SH) that my wife bought for me. She's the best! I spent more money in upgrading it than what she paid for, realizing that I will have this guitar for life. The body is made of rosewood, which to my...
  9. Shinequwa

    Anybody recommend a good chorus/vibrato pedal?

    Don't have much room on my board. I was trying to incorporate a small multi-effects unit for my modulation effects, but it just isn't happening for me. My tremolo is back on my board, and I'm in need of a good, fairly compact pedal that has both vibrato and chorus. Something with two switches...
  10. Shinequwa

    Anybody get some decent chorus effects from their delay?

    I have a DD-20, and am wondering if anybody uses delay to try and somewhat emulate a chorus effect....I only need a chorus type tone in two small parts of two songs of ours, and I don't want a chorus pedal just for that. My board is full anyway. Any input is appreciated!
  11. Shinequwa

    Coated strings and acidic fingers...

    I've been breaking electric strings like crazy the last 12 months and was told that my skin might be very acidic and helping to accelerate the aging of my strings. Two weeks and my strings are shot! I'm just not used to that. I actually broke two strings at the same time, which I've never done...
  12. Shinequwa

    Digitech Hardwire CR7 Chorus pops when engaged or disengaged

    Anybody else have this problem?? I just picked up this pedal, and seemed on paper to be the right fit for me and the space left on my board. It's in between my delays (which go to my amps) and a tremolo pedal. I'm not the pickiest guy in the world, but I can't live with that. Wondering if there...
  13. Shinequwa

    Plexi tone in a 1x12 combo??

    Any good 1x12 combos that can get me a nice plexi type tone??
  14. Shinequwa

    Compact Delay Pedal with two presets and stereo outs???

    I'm really trying to downsize the size of my board. Are there any good delay units on the market that have two presets, stereo outputs, in a pretty compact size?? I have a DD-20 now which is good, but looking for something smaller. I don't need the looper. I've had the Analogman ARDX20, and it...
  15. Shinequwa

    Best small compressor for controlled feedback?

    I'm just not able to get any controlled feedback with my rig at the volumes we play at. Sounds like a compressor might help me with this. Anybody have any experience with this desire? I'm looking at the Homebrew mini cpr and the Keeley 2 knob. Please help!!
  16. Shinequwa

    12" Weber Green hotdog basket ceramic speaker INFO

    I got a 50 watt version of this speaker in a trade. Can anybody compare this speaker or let me know it's qualities? Thanks!
  17. Shinequwa

    Suggestions for "locking" pedal knobs

    I've got a EH Q Riddle which is a fantastic pedal. My issue is that it's very sensitive as to how the knobs are set up. Every time I go from home to the studio, the knobs get moved a bit, and it drives me crazy trying to dial it in the way I like. Any tricks to keep my knobs set without worry of...
  18. Shinequwa

    Anybody run a head into one of the speakers in a 2x12 combo?

    I've got a 2x12 open back combo with two 8 ohm speakers. I would like to run a separate head into one of the speakers, while running the combo chassis into the second speaker. Both amps on all the time as a bi-amp mono setup. Since the speakers are not isolated or chambered in anyway, will there...
  19. Shinequwa

    Anybody have a Fender Dual Showman Red Knob matching 4x12 "wedge" cabinet??

    I acquired a Fender Dual Showman Red Knob head with a matching 4x12 "wedge" cabinet through a trade. There are three input jacks on the back, but the plate can't be read. I'm trying to figure out if this is a stereo cab or what? Can anybody shed some light on this cab, and the way that it's...
  20. Shinequwa

    Best way to mute Super Champ XD Speaker

    I'd like to take the line out direct into my multi-track. What would be the least expensive way to do this and defeat the speaker safely? Anybody have experience with this?
  21. Shinequwa

    Line 6 M9 OR Digitech RP355?

    Looking for some advice. I love my amp, and I love my overdrive and boost pedals. Looking for something that can give me a nice reverb, delay, and tuner. Some nice tremolo, phaser and vibrato effects to be used once in awhile. Both of these units seem nice, but the Line 6 is double the price...
  22. Shinequwa

    Delay Pedal with two outputs AND let's you bypass the "pan" effect?

    Looking for a good delay pedal that will allow me to send a straight delay setting to two amps without any "pan" effect. Is there anything out there like that?? If it had two inputs and two outputs, it would be perfect.
  23. Shinequwa

    I just scored a used Top Hat Super Deluxe

    Life can be good.:glen
  24. Shinequwa

    Is it sacrilege to put neo speakers in a Fender Twin Reverb?

    I have an good opportunity to score a mid 70's Twin Reverb. I haven't had a heavy amp like that in a long, long time, but I've always wanted one. Would it be compromising the amp's focal sound too much by installing Jensen Neo or Eminence Tonkerlites. How much less would it weigh given, the...
  25. Shinequwa

    What is the best neo speaker for a bright Fender combo?

    Any suggestions? Thanks!