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    I need help deciding. Dr. Z Carmen Ghia, Heritage Victory/Briton, Ceriatone EF86 18w I love mine, it's a very fun and unique amp.
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    Dr. Z Amps overhyped?

    I love my Carmen Ghia (I've had it since 2000). It's built like a brick s***house, sounds amazing (made a perfect square wave when dimed through my tech's oscilloscope) and fits what *I* want from an amp (small enough to turn up, dynamic as far as breakup, minimal controls/circuitry, no master...
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    Zentura vs Switchblade?

    Completely different amps. Switchblade is a tube amp. I would go for that one out of those two, but probably neither.
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    Nashville amp techs

    Marc Ferguson 615-385-8150 He recently relocated, but has some cool stuff going in and out... He's planning on building amplifiers again in the near future, too. Very reasonable and knowledgable guy.
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    What's your fave Dr.Z and why?

    I love my Ghia, I've had it since 2000... Sounds amazing. Loves most all pedals, too, though I'm not sure some dynamic-sensitive pedals had an amp in mind that was quite as sensitive to dynamics itself... :) It sounds incredible with my G&L strat and PRS McCarty Rosewood.
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    15-25 watts tube amps.

    I know some of the higher end heads like the PureTone and Tri-Amps are made in Germany. I'm pretty sure the Ed. 20 and switchblade come from china, I'll check the back of one next time I'm in the shop...
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    15-25 watts tube amps.

    Best of luck with H&K products. Erm, not very good quality control or components. The Ed 20 amps do sound great when they're working, but then they need tube sockets replaced and stop working. Those chinese kids probably just need a couple of extra cigarette breaks during their workdays (or...
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    15-25 watts tube amps.

    Dr. Z Carmen Ghia is admidst all of those flavors- I'm telling you to go try one right now. I'm going to play mine right now.
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    Reinhardt 18 vs. Carmen Ghia/Box of Rock

    I love my Ghia, have had it for years. I'm sure the reinhardt is a fine amp- it would be simpler if there were better/best/worst rankings, but honestly they're all different. I love the 2 knob setup on the ghia and the sound is phenomenal. For dirt, I use a Hellbilly, Huckleberry, Hellbaby...
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    Mesa Mk III: still mushy low end in hi gain mode

    maybe try an ayan smooth & slim pedal?
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    Thanks Dr. Z!!!

    I put an old mullard 12ax7 in the preamp when a 5751 went out (I think it was a Jan-philips or something, but it was pretty hard to read when it was removed...), now the clipping through an oscilloscope creates almost perfectly square waves and it sounds about 10x better...
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    Thinking of trying an 18 watt-type amp

    I love my Carmen Ghia, but it's er, not very feature-laden if you're looking for that.
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    Vox AC30CC trouble shooting advice

    the tube sockets went bad on a couple of those in my tech's shop... some cheap components in them seem to be the culprit in most of the newer amps that go out if it's not a tube problem. I had no idea what was going on with my amp (carmen ghia), it turned out to be a 5751 that had gone bad (my...
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    Thanks Dr. Z!!!

    My Ghia has been a great amp for 7 years...
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    non-master amp with great distortion

    Carmen Ghia is very cool... The Champ II sounds great, but only through my Leslie cabinet to tame the EQ...
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    Please explain the pluses of handwired amps

    PCB is one of many cost-cutting tactics. On many amps it will be accompanied by cheap components, cheap iron, and smaller connections. The Zinky example above is (obviously) an exception (and not the only one). Many electric devices made overseas are designed to be replaced rather than...
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    2 amps vs. 1 amp

    I'm not sure about the exact volume difference, but two different amps at once sounds very cool.
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    Low wattage EL 84 amp head recommendation

    I LOVE my Carmen Ghia. There are plenty of options around, but I don't think you could go wrong with one (and it's a hell of a bang-for-the-buck with the Dr. Z amps... he uses high-grade iron, transformers- everything is pretty much military spec)... Great guy on the phone, too.
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    Anyone ever build a leslie?

    PM also sent...
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    Anyone ever build a leslie?

    hasserl, if it's a two speed motor, I'd be interested in buying it from you at some point in the near future... I have a cabinet, treble horn and just need the motor assembly and to build a crossover for my "stack" leslie... let me know...
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    Anyone ever build a leslie?

    tonewheel = system of sound generation within a Hammond organ. creates octaves/voices that can be mixed in with the drawbars. leslie = spinning baffle/drum for bass rotor and one-speaker models with a crossover splitting the high and low frequencies in the bigger models, lows going to the...
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    Anyone ever build a leslie?

    tonewheels are not part of the Leslie, they are the frequency-generating part of the Hammond organs. I have a Leslie 120, which is like a 12" vibratone in a smaller Leslie wooden box with the spinning baffle. It has two speeds and I run it like a speaker cabinet for my guitar amp. However, I...
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    recommendations for best all-round modeling amp

    The H&K Zentera amps are pretty cool sounding, but EXPENSIVE! $4k or so when they were new (and not discontinued like they are now)... I wouldn't trade my Ghia for one, unless I thought about buying four Ghias with the money I'd make selling it (I'd probably only be able to get 2 Ghias for it...
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    Dr.Z Carmen Ghia versus Orange Tiny Terror

    A run with the Ghia will be inconclusive if you only try it with one speaker. The speaker changes the sound moreso than any other component I think. I've only tried three different speakers with it and it was like three very different amps in term of breakup character/headroom. I couldn't...
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    Matching the Amp to the Cab..VERY IMPORTANT!

    Speaker and cabinet have a huge effect on the sound... More than tube changes.