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  1. Strat335

    Just a recommendation for anyone wanting to hear a killer new album

    Glenn Hughes' "RESONATE" is really great. Climbing in the charts, but even if it weren't. Man. I didn't care much for the first song "Heavy"...although it is growing on me. But from the second song to the end of it I was pretty much greatly impressed. Wow. Damn, it's great!!!
  2. Strat335

    Glenn Hughes new solo album going to be great!!!

    One of the songs on it...I've heard other cuts, can't wait!!
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    a Trower thought, and something totally different

    Recovering from a stroke in March. My whole left side, down to my fingers and toes were completely dead for two months. I can't stand long or walk very far, but thank God my fingers are working almost 100%. Was thinking about one of my first big influences on electric...Robin Trower, and...
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    don't know if this is cool...or not

    my baby daughter, died in a car fire and I wrote a song about her
  5. Strat335

    Gregg Allman

    I got to spend a day with Gregg, Danny Toler and Butch Trucks one day in Houston. This song always friggin kills me. It's Greg the way he seemed to me to be. Love their music. Great song by JB.
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    I really like Acoustic music, but...

    here's a song for my 13 year old
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  8. Strat335

    Howdy from Texas

    I may have pssted these before, I can't remember. Been here for a long time. I write and play, and I also play with my band, which is the world wide net. lo Anyway, Hope you will say you love someone...and don't be like me. singer...
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  10. Strat335

    Song I wrote for my son..just electric
  11. Strat335

    Not acoustic. Hard Japanese drummer
  12. Strat335

    an acoustic thing
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    Man, you just should never close off an artist. For years and years I have not been able to make it through a Lucinda Williams song. Voice grated on my nerves. Oh Lordy, she's so GREAT. lol I sat down and had another epiphany. I guess I get it now. It's her whole sound with the lyrics...
  14. Strat335

    I so love Robin trower

    been diggin trower since the early 70s...listen to these overtones, and the mastery of ............ trower.
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    best voice in new country...I care
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    Just gonna do some the way the posts have jumped up!!
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  18. Strat335

    a song for Frank. gone 5 years today We were friends from the age of 9 up to 50. I am missing him today. And every day.
  19. Strat335

    just some short blues

    trying out my new camera, I see I need to move the amp back some...but I like the mics on the camera. (Zoom h3q)
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    2 short acoustic instrumentals

    SM GS
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    Country acoustic song
  22. Strat335

    5 kinds of badassedness.....Chris friggin STapleton
  23. Strat335

    Merle haggard

    Is the finest singer/songwriter to me. Whatever you think is fine. It ain't one or two or 20 consistently real songs...its' for ****ing ever. I love Merle, I really by God do.
  24. Strat335

    some nasty old school strataquack ballad stuff
  25. Strat335

    Some Stratadiatonicaster love