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    Props to TV Jones for outstanding customer service!

    Had a customer come in with a hot rodded Jazzmaster hybrid fitted with TV Jones Powertron pickups. The neck pickup did not sound quite right. We got on the phone with TV Jones and they helped trouble shoot and offered to fix it NO CHARGE! I also love their pickups!
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    Overdrive pedals that clean up well

    I'm on the hunt for OD pedals that that clean up well when you back off on the guitar volume. Two that I'm familiar with are: Fulltone OCD and Mesa Boogie Flux Drive Any others??
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    Strat Blender Pot expert needed!

    On a Strat with Master Volume, Master Tone, and Neck Blender pot. What makes the difference between: 1. Pot that starts blending pup in from one up (one is no blend, 10 is full blend) 2. Pot that starts blending pup in from ten down (Ten is no Blend, 1 is full blend) Are they different...
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    Help identify these pickups?

    Who made these rail pickups?? [/URL]
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    Can a Strat Trem be installed on a stock Tele?

    Is it a possible to install either 6 screw vintage or 2 post pivot Strat style trem system onto a stock tele? Is it a job luthiers like or dislike? Has anyone had this done? The idea is to end up with something like this:
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    Anyone like Teles with Trem??

    I'd love to see some Teles with Trem installed! Also some feedback... is it different enough from a strat to make it worth it? I also saw a 3 barrel trem somewhere here.
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    Who likes Tele neck pickups as they are??

    I cheated a little and put a Don Mare Super Sport set (Stelly neck PU) in my MJ Tele and I love the neck pickup just the way it is. In fact I love the entire guitar just as it is... so why do I keep wanting to put a Firebird pickup in the neck???? I see so many variations on the neck pickup...
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    Musicman Albert Lee Dual Humbucker model - Whos got one?

    I recently got a Musicman Albert Lee Dual Humbucker model - Mahogany Body and all Rosewood neck. I found it a little dark and ended up swapping out original pickups for Dimarzio PAF 36's. Much better for me. Anyone else got some feedback on this model??:huh
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    If you had to pick one...

    I want to make one of these - Either a Strat with 2 P90's or Tele with 2 P90's Which do you prefer and why??
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    Is my Boss TU-2 worth repairing?

    My Boss TU-2 tuner pedal works but no sound from the output jack. I get sound from the Bypass jack. I'm in Los Angeles and never had a pedal repaired. Is it worth repairing and who does this in this area?? Thanks
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    HELP! What kind of no amp rig??

    I'm old school - Guitar, pedals, amp, mic, floor monitors = I'm HOME! I have to do a regular gig in a club where no amps are allowed and we must wear in-ear monitors and there is no ambient mic. My guitar tone was so un-natural I was ready to shoot myself!! My usual Zendrive, Box of Rock and...
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    PRS 305, Narrowfield and Strat Content!

    I am interested in the new PRS 305 and the Model with 3 Narrowfield pickups because I love the idea of getting close to a strat when guitar volume is on 7-8 but having more mids and push when on 10 for solos and pushing a good pedal or a hot amp. Since I have a bunch of strats that I love I was...
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    18 volt Fender Jazz bass Blowing amps up!

    Is it possible that my friend's Fender Jazz bass with the active 18 volt preamp is actually blowing amps up? 4 different amps, all different cables, venues, solid state combos and a head all in 2 years. Bad luck? anyone hear of or experience this??:jo
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    Need help with a treble bleed cap problem!!

    I have a nashville Tele w noiseless pickups and an RS prewired control set with 500K pots. I found I was losing too much treble when I backed the volume down. I was advised to put a .0047 cap across the volume pot legs. I did that and now when I lower the volume it has a lot less effect. It...
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    Are low output Strat pickups the best?

    I have a few friends that swear by low output Strat & Tele pickups. They let the amp do the work and these guys sound great!! Is this the most "Tonefull" way to go? Lollars, Falins?:RoCkIn
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    Anyone get parts from Ampwares??

    I ordered some amp parts from AMPWARES on line. Nice site, automatic email response, automatic withdrawal of FUNDS. No email response and when I call phone number I get "mailbox is full and cannot take messages at this time goodbye". I hope they are just busy:confused:
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    What amp is best at clean but with lots of natural sustain??

    I'm looking for the best amp for the "almost breakup zone", great clean (Fender like but with a touch more mids), and a lot of natural sustain?? I was thinking: Guytron GT20 Fuchs ODS30 Pure 64 Am I on the right track??