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    Signature Guitars - Story, Post yours

    In the early 90' I ordered a Jem FP, because I liked Vai and the way this particular model looked. After a looong wait, it came in the shop along with a whole bunch of other guitars. When I finaly put my hands on it, I was really disapointed as it was bad intonated, setted, etc. Then I tried...
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    Short scale bass for a guitar player ?

    I'm a guitar player, not very tall, and I have some difficulties to play the jazz bass I have at home due to it's looong neck. Do you think a short scale bass would be a good idea ? I mean, does these instruments can sounds like a normal bass in a mix ? Which model or brand to look at ? Thanks
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    GIGGING GUITARISTS- Are you still using an amp?

    Everyone is direct, drums included. This way we have a complete control of the overall volume. I use a fm3 myself.
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    Love the tele tone, not the guitar. Alternative?

    Thanks for pointing me at this. I just didn't know it was existing!
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    Love the tele tone, not the guitar. Alternative?

    The headstock I don't care, I love thin necks, so the neck by itself is not a problem in many cases, the body shape I'm not comfortable with. I'm much more a strat type player.
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    Love the tele tone, not the guitar. Alternative?

    I love the telecaster sound, but not so much the guitar by itself. What is the most important element of the tone ? Pickups, size, body shape, wood... ? And then, what would be a good other choice ?
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    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    Ritchie Blackmore for sure
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    Kemper Users: Need pedal recommendations (OD-Chorus-Reverb-Delay)

    I have a kemper rack, and I use a lexicon pcm 80 in the loop for reverb chorus and delay. Best of both words !
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    Latest Tim Pierce Vid

    Always humble, smiling, killer player. Love him !
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    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    A kemper unit which profiles pedals !
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    Les Paul Classic Custom | One of the cooler LP's I've come across

    I have one. Excellent guitar, even if I've changed the pickups...
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    What would be the modern rockman ?

    Small format, light, portable, headphone tool with tone and attitude ?
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    Annoying overtones from Strat

    Try to dampen strings above the nut, just put a cloth under them, do the same with the trem springs and see (hear) what happens.
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    Les Paul wiring question

    Thanks for that ! I was aware of the possibility to use push/pull knobs, but my question was more about a whole circuit replacement with this wiring, period,
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    What's your favorite discontinued guitar?

    Music Man EVH signature.
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    Les Paul wiring question

    OK, let 's say I have a Les Paul, two humbuckers with four wires. Is there a wiring kit with these possibilities : Rythm = neck humbucker Middle = both pickups split, so two singles Lead = bridge humbucker Not something too exotic or silly, but I haven' t found it yet...
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    Kemper profile makers?

    Bert Meulendijk. Great profiles, works with both single coils and humbuckers !
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    Kemper and PCM advice

    I've finaly bought a very nice PCM80 for 350€ in Belgium. No memory card though, and finding one at a good price is difficult even here (I'm in France)!
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    Buying vintage digital gear :what to check /ask ?

    I'm pretty new in this domain, and planning to build a rack. So, every advice is welcome ! :)
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    Kemper and PCM advice

    Hi all, I play guitar in a pop rock cover band, using a kemper direct into foth. I'm really happy with the kemper, and I've gone deep into it, but I still miss some of the 80's tones, such as deep chorus/dimension D, Landau tones and some kind of reverbs/delays too. So, I think to pair it with a...
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    Heroes: Digitech Freqout or Ebow ?

    In order to play this great Bowie song, is the freqout an option ? I know it's played with an ebow on stage, but the freqout is tempting as it can do other things the ebow don't.
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    Human hair under neck finish

    Who knows ?