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  1. dsimms

    Bob Gjika on Ken Fischer

    Bob just put this up and there's some great talk about his influences. He shares a lot about his relationship and discussions with Ken.
  2. dsimms

    Modded plexi dna amp question - gigging vs home playing

    I'm looking at getting a mid to high gain modded Marshall plexi style amp, including the Bogner Helios, Friedman BE100 or Smallbox or the new Metropoulos Metroplex. So far the BE100 is my fave, but I'm waiting to try the Helios and Metroplex. I'm expecting those last two to have more in common...
  3. dsimms

    Recording clips with an iPhone - use internal or external mic?

    What's the best, use the iPhone's internal mic or use my SM57 into the audio port?
  4. dsimms

    Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah footswitch broke - repair options?

    After 3 1/2 years, my footswitch broke, stuck in the on position. Pretty sure it's the footswitch since it doesn't click now. It's out of warranty (Fulltone gives a one year warranty for their footswitches). What's my best course of action here - I'm handy with a soldering iron and not sure I...
  5. dsimms

    Joe Bonamassa's rig last night - not what I was expecting

    Here's Joe's amps from his show in Montgomery, AL last night. I wasn't expecting to see three Marshall heads, a Friedman, and four cabs. It's usually been two cabs with four heads (Jubilee, Two-Rock or Van Weelden, Carol Ann, Category 5). Maybe some of the Marshalls are black Jubilees. I...
  6. dsimms

    Used tube appearance on Tung-Sol 12AX7

    I just replaced four Tung-Sol 12AX7s in my Hot Cat 30 with the same. I noticed two of the old ones were black on top and two were silver. I usually like keeping the old tubes around as backups. Should I only keep the ones that are silver on top (Does the black indicate they are more worn)?
  7. dsimms

    Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa playing Marshall, Trainwreck, etc

    Good quality video of Eric and Joe together. Lots of Marshalls, a Trainwreck and Joe's usual pile of great amps. 07OmHZT1mIc
  8. dsimms

    Stage monitor question - 12" or 15"

    I'll be buying a stage monitor soon and need some advice on which to go with. The two I'm considering are Yamaha's, one with a 12" speaker and 2" tweeter (SM12V), the other with a 15" speaker and 2" tweeter (SM15V). I can afford either and the monitor amp can handle either. It's more a question...
  9. dsimms

    Anyone using a 412 cab in stereo mode or use a head switcher into a 412?

    I want to use my Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 and Roccaforte custom 50 heads with my Marshall 425A stereo 412 cab and I've got two ways to go: 1. Run both heads simultaneously to the cab in stereo mode, layering the tones of the two heads. I'll have to run two mikes to the PA. 2. Run the cab in mono...
  10. dsimms

    Help me with cabinet configurations for running two heads onstage

    I've got two great heads I want to use live - a Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 and a Roccaforte custom built 50. The Hot Cat has a clean and a gain channel with master volume and does the "Vox on steroids" cleans and overdrive thing in spades. The Roccaforte is a single channel with a master volume and...
  11. dsimms

    New Roccaforte head arrived - first impressions

    I just received a new custom amp from Doug Roccaforte yesterday. It's a 50 - 100 watt, two EL-34 "small box" head and incorporates some older 60's components and output transformer. I played it for two or three hours through my Roccaforte closed back 212 and at band practice last night through...
  12. dsimms

    Bought a Marshall 425 4X12 cab today/impedance options with my Hot Cat 30

    The local GC was blowing out their demo Marshal 425 (Vintage Modern) 4X12 cab and I picked it up for $400. It's got the Celestion G12C 25 watt speakers. I'll be running it in mono mode, where I can run it at 4 or 16 ohms. It's my first 4X12 cab and I tried it at the store with my Bad Cat head...