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    NPD: G.S. Wyllie Moonrock

    Wow! Just now heard about Glenn's passing. Sad. I have and have owned the Moonrock, Rising Sun, Fuzzstone, and Newmoon. Also he mailed me the fuzzizer to try out for a few weeks. What a nice guy and brilliant builder. All his pedals are amazing. I hope that Soggybag or someone can succeed in the...
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    The Ventures

    I could be remembering wrong, but I thought I read an interview that stated that they didn't use the Moserite gear in the studio, only live due to the endorsement agreement. Apparently they continued using Fender guitars. As far as some of the later fuzz tones (Fuzzy and Wild, Wild Thing etc..)...
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    Re evaluating pedalboard after an amp change (Fender to Vox).....opinions?

    Don't do anything until you try them out. The Vox has very versatile EQ abilities. Spend a lot of time with the bass and treble controls. They are interactive. Turning up treble not only increases treble, but adjusts bass frequencies. Turning up bass control reduces and alters treble...
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    Re evaluating pedalboard after an amp change (Fender to Vox).....opinions?

    Voxes sound great loud. They compress a LOT more than Fenders, generally speaking, when they are loud. They are also very bright amps at lower levels, but even out, and even thicken to some extent when loud. You will probably find that any and all pedals will sound quite different depending on...
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    What's your favorite FLANGER ??

    He will stand by his pedals even if you buy them used. I had a chip crap out in mine several years back and he fixed it for free. Great pedal.
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    Strymon El Cap favorite issue

    Pretty sure this is normal. The El Cap is one delay unit, so to flip between two sounds, it has to adjust itself to the other setting which sonically is the same as if you turned the knobs quickly to a different setting, you're gonna hear it. I don't have a favorite switch for mine, but had the...
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    What's your favorite FLANGER ??

    Foxrox. Amazing flanger. I was lucky enough to get mine back when they were reasonably priced. I think I paid $275 for it.
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    Don Mare Telecaster pickups 0038 and G90 (p90) video

    It would only be silly because Don has so many other great Tele pickups to try out! I have tried three so far and they are all just lovely...
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    Don Mare Telecaster pickups 0038 and G90 (p90) video

    Wow! Great sound, great playing! Don's pickups really are magic...
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    El Cap users...a few questions

    Tap switch oscillation not adjustable per se, but will react very differently depending on the delay speed and bias setting. My favorite feature on the pedal for sure, and there are a lot of great features!
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    Best reverb for surf

    I like the Wampler Faux Spring Reverb. Underrated but great!!
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    My Spring Battle (RV-7, Supernatural, FRV-1, Spring Theory content)

    Wampler? You no try Wampler? Why you no try Wampler?? Seriously though, that faux spring reverb is worth a look....
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    Conclusions after many years of exploring guitar effects

    Volume is my favorite effect. Soundmen sometimes hate me, but it makes everything sound better. Amp, guitar, and effect pedals all sound better, and can be used more sparingly if everything is set loud. Subtlety can be had by playing dynamics and the guitars volume knob. I don't mean that I play...
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    Why are so many guitarists in the dark...

    By the bye, I have been using my guitar strings to shoot arrows for a few years now, not sure why guitar players are avoiding dealing with this concept. I use an alternate tuning however. Maybe that is what scares 'em off...
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    Why are so many guitarists in the dark...

    If a player is truly experimental, as the OP seems to claim to be, or innovative, or cutting edge or whatever, it will be because of the unique vision of his/her playing or technique. Traditional tone or gear won't stand in the way any more than cutting edge gear will make Clapton sound avante...
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    Vox AC30 CC series. How much (or little) did you like it?

    I have two. One stock, the other has the bright cap mod, the standbye removed, and one Wharf replaced with the correct Celestion Alnico blue. I never even consider thinking about another amp. The one blue and one Wharf is a fine compromise of the expense of two blues, and it sounds fantastic...
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    1972 Maestro super fuzz Fz1s

    One of my all time faves!! I sold mine in times of desperation, but have the smitty clone which is dead on. The pedal is so cutting and nasty that the volume drop actually works in most real world situations. I love the gated quality and that the pedal is dead quiet when not playing.
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    Best "Maestro" Garage Fuzz?

    Smitty makes a great pedal, I have the fz 1s and love it. Also check out Mojohand One Ton Bee....