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  1. Geetar_Will

    Sold Ceriatone JTM45 and 1x12 J Design Blackface cab with a Scumback H75

    The Ceriatone JTM45 is less than a year old (bought at the end of 2020 - built by Nik). It has the half power switch as well as the PPIMV and Gold Lion KT66s. It comes with an oversized Marshall cover (because you gotta have something). It's never had any issues for me - super solid. It's in...
  2. Geetar_Will

    Sold Analog Man 2SB175 Sunlion

    Bought new in December 2020. Kept in excellent condition. All I've really done is record with it a handful of times. No velcro. Comes with all the Analog Man swag and original box. The Beano Boost has the standard stuff in it. Sound samples from this very unit can be heard here. $345 shipped...
  3. Geetar_Will

    Sold Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus - Used. Never once gave me an issue. Bought new by me quite a while ago. Comes with all the cables (and an IEC power cable which is not pictured) and manual. Lived on my Pedaltrain Jr. board. Ships in a Pedal Power 3 box. $115 shipped
  4. Geetar_Will

    Sold Weber Alnico Blue Dog (16 ohm, 75 watts, pre-rola doping) $150 shipped

    Only a few months old. No issues. Used with a JTM45. High quality audio from this very speaker can be found here. $150 shipped (paypal). SOLD
  5. Geetar_Will

    Culpeper's Orchard

    Anyone know anything about them? Been diggin' their first album.
  6. Geetar_Will

    Sold Kingtone Duellist ($315)

    Velcro on back. New V2 with top jacks and 9-18 V operation. Original box and feet included. Bought here on TGP from a dude who bought it new in 2020. $315 shipped (paypal, will ship usps insured or UPS/FEDEX if you prefer). I was doing trades but had to change it back to just FS.
  7. Geetar_Will

    Sold Celestion G12H-75 16 ohm 75 watt 12" speaker

    I got it for a 1x12 cab this year and decided to go a different direction. It has been broken in for a good 12-16 hours and sounded better to my ear afterwards. Never had an issue with it. I'll ship it in a Weber box (double-boxed). $130 Shipped (paypal)
  8. Geetar_Will

    Sold Lollar '52 neck pickup

    Used in a K-Line Truxton for about 4 years. Great pickup. $65 shipped (paypal)
  9. Geetar_Will

    Sold Bearfoot Uber Bee (price lowered x2)

    No box. Velcro on back. Used but working great. Got it from another guy on TGP here. $120 shipped (paypal) Trades: AM silver mod tube screamer, fuzz pedals.. Try me!
  10. Geetar_Will

    Sold Bearfoot Dyna Red Distortion (4k) (lower price)

    Strymon El Capistan - SOLD Bearfoot Dyna Red Distortion (4 knob) - No velcro. Comes with original box. No issues. $Traded
  11. Geetar_Will

    Does anyone make a hand wired amp like the Marshall SV20C?

    Please enlighten me.
  12. Geetar_Will

    Sold 2019 Fender American Performer Stratocaster with upgrades (Sunburst)

    I bought it from Sweetwater in November of 2019 and had all the work professionally done. The only scratch I could find is in the picture showing the back plate. There is minimal play wear that you have to put it under the right lighting to see. I did gig with it a few times. Yes, it's used, but...
  13. Geetar_Will

    Sold (Prices Lowered!) Gibson P90 (bridge, cream), Fender DoubleTap Humbucker (bridge, cream)

    Gibson P90 is out of a 2004 Historic 1954 Reissue Les Paul. $55 shipped (paypal) SOLD Fender DoubleTap Humbucker is out of a 2019 American Performer Strat. Selling with guitar
  14. Geetar_Will

    Sold Analog man NKT Red Dot Sun Face (price lowered)

    Bought new by me in November of 2018. Regular gain. Sun dial. Velcro on back. Battery inside. Lived on a pedalboard and was treated with care. Box and stuff included. It has been great for me, it's just not seeing enough use to keep it. $215 shipped (paypal) Trades (plus cash): Lovepedal...
  15. Geetar_Will

    Mad Professor Loud'n Proud vs Barber Direct Drive?

    Has anyone compared these two?
  16. Geetar_Will

    Looking for opinions on the Ceriatone JTM45

    I'm considering buying one with a master volume and using a 1x12 under it. Are there specific mods you guys suggest? What 12" speaker? What cab? Do you gig with it? How does it do? What styles of music? Anything else? Thanks.
  17. Geetar_Will

    Sold Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory (price lowered)

    Has play wear. Bought used on Reverb. Velcro on back. Never had an issue with it (come on, these things are tanks). Works like it should. $110 shipped (paypal) Trades - I like overdrive, boosts and fuzz.
  18. Geetar_Will

    Carlin Compressor

    I'm thinking about picking up a clone of one of these. Looking for experience and opinions with it. I've done a decent amount of Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing) research and watched all the youtube videos I can find. Does anyone actually have an original one? Has anyone compared the original...
  19. Geetar_Will

    Sold OLC Circuits Chunky Cheese Fuzz (Lovetone Big Cheese clone)

    Bought straight from the builder (not a kit). Velcro on back. It's black! Hardly used. $140 shipped (paypal)
  20. Geetar_Will

    Sold Maxon OD808

    Velcro on back. $75 Shipped (paypal) SOLD
  21. Geetar_Will

    Sold CMATMODS Analog Chorus (still for sale), Keeley Mini Katana Boost(sold)

    No velcro. Paypal please. CMATMODS Analog Chorus - $65 Shipped (sold) Keeley Mini Katana - $50 Shipped (sold)
  22. Geetar_Will

    Sold Arcane Analog OC75 Tone Bender MKII (price drop)

    Lightly used, never gigged, velcro on back, has the battery cutoff switch by rolling the fuzz all the way off. Comes with heavy duty battery pictured. $140 Shipped (paypal) SOLD!
  23. Geetar_Will

    Sold Lollar 50's Wind P-90 Soapbar bridge pickup

    Screws not included. $80 shipped Paypal
  24. Geetar_Will

    Sarno Earth Drive vs Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow?

    Anyone tried both? How do they compare? What did you end up with?