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    Why Live Music Sucks

    Most small clubs are not going to have the good soundguys they can't afford them. $100 or less a night does not even buy you a halfway decent soundguy.
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    Can anybody help? Taking a vocal from a wide stereo field to a narrow, center field?

    I'm sorry but this is how you should be mixing 100% of the time, anyone that tells you other wise is lying. It's the biggest standout point for an amateur mixers, trying to give focus to everything. Find out what should be the focus at the moment and make it the loudest thing, and lower...
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    "Phasey" sounding OPEN hi-hats via OH mics

    Typically in this OH configuration they are place equidistant from the snare to avoid phasing issues.
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    Thoughts on rechargeable batteries for in ear monitor system

    The best I've found for AA is Powerex. Last 5-8 hours in the UR series. I've had similar times in other RF gear. If you keep the recharge cycles set right (soft charge for 10 cycles then do a conditioning cycle) they can last a long time. I have yet to find a 9v rechargeable that is reliable...
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    Finally tried "ambient mics" for my IEM system lastnight...

    Typically ambient mics just point out into the house and not in towards the stage. That way you get the room reflections/sound and crowd without too much phasing.
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    Alice in Chains vocals?

    Very good double tracking + verb and delay.
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    Light Show for Projector

    It might work depending upon the stage lighting, typical stage lights put out around 500-750 watts at full power and it's a lot to overtake. A screen onstage will also provide a surface for the stage lights to reflect off of, making it harder for lower lumen projectors to look sharp. On a dim...
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    Light Show for Projector

    Typical projectors for live events tend to be in the 10-20k lumen range.
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    How Much Better Would This Sound With a Condenser Mic?

    I'm not sure better is the word to use, it would sound different. I think the way it sounds now is great.
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    NHD: Focal Spirit Professional

    I never meant to say they are bass shy, they can just appear that way compared to most headphones. The Spirits are not very forgiving for poorly recorded tracks as they present everything clearly. They are the headphones that I trust the most for checking mixes because they are so true sounding...
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    Whatcha using for a live kick drum mic?

    Typically use a D6 as that is what is in the mic closet where I usually work. I do like using the Heil PR40 for a more punchy kick and sometimes the PR48 (I've never felt the need to scoop it).
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    NHD: Focal Spirit Professional

    I love my set, nice and flat. They did take a good amount of time to burn in, about 2 weeks. They are very honest in their reproduction of the source, which means they can sound bass shy as they lack the normal bass boost most cans have. Very nice transient response as well, but they can get...
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    tracking headphones

    I love the sennheiser hd-280 as a great tracking and live sound can. They isolate great for both situations.
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    PA soundcheck song??

    Currently, "Love Don't Leave Me Waiting" by Glen Hansard.
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    need help with live voc fx, please

    Make a point to talk to sound guy before the gig if you can. And by before I don't mean the day of, I mean at least a day or two out. This will let you talk to them in an environment that is virtually stress free as they don't need figure everything out in the 15-30 minutes before you go on...
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    Duet2 pres vs stand-alone preamps

    I think it's more the 2000B giving you the brittle/sterile highs than the Duet. The Duets pres do have an extended high end, but it's more airy (this is true in general for Apogee stuff, it's partly the converters.) If you like the AKG sound but want an upgrade, I'd look into getting a 414. You...
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    Wireless mics and battery life: your experiences

    Typically use the shure UR4 systems and can get 6-8 hours using Powerex rechargeables. I always use a freshly charged set of batteries for each show. As long as you take care of the batteries they can last for a long time.
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    What order do you record tracks in?

    I would track as much together as possible, usually looking to keep at least the drums and bass from the same takes (basics) other tracks used as scratch tracks. Overdub as necessary. Hard instruments to capture get done after basics, like acoustic to minimize bleed. Vocals usually get recorded...
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    Boundary mics?

    Just make sure you are using the right boundary mic for the job. PZMs tend to be hemispherical, meaning the pickup in 180* around the mic, making them more likely to feedback in certain situations. PCCs tend to be semi-hemispheicial, they reject sound from the back, but have a more pronounced...
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    Mic'ing a Mitchell-Doughnut equipped cab?

    Exactly the same as micing a cab without one. They are made out of foam, so it's not a big issue as sound is still coming out. However placement and channel EQ will more than likely be different.
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    Weird mistakes in studio songs that were never fixed ......

    According to the producer of that album, it was originally a mistake because Johnny started playing the chorus early. Johnny covered it by doing the cha chunks. They liked it so much they left it in. In the song Standby (It looks like rain) by the Office of Strategic Influence, there is a...
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    Guitar in 5/4 and drums in 4/4?

    This depends if they are playing the riffs with the same tempo or treating it like a polyrhythm. With a polyrhythm the ones always line up in each measure. Polyrhythms are a large part of African and Latin music.
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    Crazy question? Syncing drum "samples" to a REAL kick drum recording

    I personally don't like using gates to fire a trigger/sampler. If the parameters are just a bit off, you can get late triggers. You can get misfires from things like snare and cymbal hits, which are very difficult to gate out 100%. You'd have to listen to the sample track against the kick and...
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    Does anyone pan their guitars hard left and right when drums are...

    I usually don't hard pan drum overheads as I don't like the kit sounding like its 20 feet wide. Room mics are a different story. It also depends upon how the drummers kit is set up and the song. Above everything else the song is the most important thing, always do what's best for the feeling of...
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    Crazy question? Syncing drum "samples" to a REAL kick drum recording

    Triggers are great, but the only way you won't get miss fires or dropped samples is to copy the sample and paste it at each transient of the kick track. Pro tools has a tab to transient feature, and I'm sure logic has similar functions. Look up kick sample replacement on YouTube for videos. It...