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  1. KOTR

    Tweed Champ 8" Speaker Behavior - Need Your Experience

    I recently purchased a 1X8 tweed extension cabinet and filled it with a Weber Alnico Blue Pup 8 speaker. I intend to use this cab at home with various low powered (1-5 watts) amps I have. I started by connecting it to my Victoria 512. I have never owned any combos or cabs with 8" speakers. I...
  2. KOTR

    Sold 2010 PRS Willcutt Wood Library DC245 Ted McCarty

    For your consideration is my 2010 PRS DC-245. This one is from a limited Wood Library run commissioned by Willcutt Guitars in Kentucky. It features a killer artist grade top and lightweight body selected from the PRS wood library by Willcutt staff. Finished in the “McCarty Smokeburst”color...
  3. KOTR

    Sold 2010 Ian Anderson Standard

    For your consideration is my 2010 Ian Anderson Standard. I acquired this guitar in 2014 and have enjoyed playing it for the last 3 years but I have the itch for something new so it is time to move this one on to a new owner. I contacted Ian in 2014 about ordering a Standard and he informed me...
  4. KOTR

    Sold Fender Custom Shop White Pearl Strat Pickguard 099-2140-000

    For your consideration is my gently used Fender Custom Shop Collection White Pearl Stratocaster pickguard. Also known as the “moto white” or mother of pearl white color. 11 Hole Standard fit. Fully shielded with aluminum. Fender part number is 099-2140-000. I bought this genuine Fender...
  5. KOTR

    Sold Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus - MINT

    For your consideration is my very gently used Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus power supply. I am the original owner of this pedal and I ordered it new from an authorized dealer. I bought this power supply in 2009 for a large pedal board project that required two power supplies. After just a...
  6. KOTR

    Sold Empress Effect Tape Delay Pedal - MINT

    For your consideration is my very gently used Empress Effects Tape Delay pedal. I am the original owner of this pedal and I bought it new from an authorized dealer. Pedal is in mint, as new condition and functions 100% with no issues. Includes original box, stickers, and user manual. Serial#...
  7. KOTR

    Sold Rimrock Mythical Overdrive Pedal - MINT

    For your consideration is my very gently used Rimrock Effects Mythical Overdrive pedal. This one is finished in silver sparkle with Davies Oxblood knobs. The low clipper diodes are D9E Russian Germanium. The high clipper diodes are OA128 NOS German Telefunken. Serial number MO#785. Includes...
  8. KOTR

    Sold Fulltone OCD V1.7 Overdrive Pedal

    For your consideration is my very gently used Fulltone OCD overdrive pedal. This is version 1.7 - the most current version. Serial number 135846. Signed by Mike Fuller himself. Includes original box, sticker, and instruction sheet. I am the second owner of this pedal. Pedal is in mint, as...
  9. KOTR

    Sold 1992 Gibson USA Sunburst Les Paul Standard

    For your consideration is my 1992 Gibson USA Les Paul Standard. It has a weight relieved one-piece body finished in heritage cherry sunburst nitro, chrome hardware, and Nashville bridge. Complete specs and 28 hi-res photos below. Photobucket and TGP reduce the size of the pics when linked in...
  10. KOTR

    Sold 1990 Gibson Pre-Historic ’62 Reissue SG

    For your consideration is my 1990 Gibson USA ’62 reissue SG. This guitar predates the Custom Shop and current Historic Reissue SGs. Spec-wise this falls in between the current USA ’61 reissues and the Custom Shop SG Standard Reissues. It has a solid one-piece body finished in heritage cherry...
  11. KOTR

    Sold Digitech JamMan JML2 Stereo Looper Pedal

    Up for sale is a used Digitech Jam Man stereo looping pedal. Model# JML2. Includes box, original factory power supply, and user manual. I bought this pedal new. I am the original owner. Pedal is in near mint condition and functions 100% with no issues. Only used in my home studio. Never...
  12. KOTR

    Sold G&G Tweed Rectangular Hardshell Case for Strat & Tele Style Guitars

    Up for sale is a used G&G hard shell case for Stratocaster and Telecaster style guitars. The case is covered with tweed cloth on the outside and has red poodle lining. Hardware is nickel plated. Includes two keys. G&G makes the vintage style rectangular cases for Fender. This case is the...
  13. KOTR

    Sold Callaham Aged Gotoh Vintage Style 6-inline Tuning Machines

    Up for sale is a used set of Callaham aged Gotoh vintage style 6-inline tuning machines. Includes bushings and screws. These require a 1/32” hole, are 15:1 ratio, and have a ¼” diameter slotted post. These are the same vintage style tuners that the Fender Custom Shop uses. I bought these new...
  14. KOTR

    NGD: 2016 Gustavsson ’59 Bluesmaster Limited

    Just received this 2016 Gustavsson ’59 Bluesmaster Limited yesterday from Craig at CR Guitars. Due to some family stuff going on, I haven’t had a ton of time with it yet so mostly just the specs for now….. According to Craig, Johan has only made six of these limited Bluesmasters so far. This...
  15. KOTR

    Sold 2014 Gibson Custom Shop Benchmark Chambered 1958 Les Paul CR8

    For your consideration is my very gently used 2014 Gibson Custom Shop Figured and Chambered R8 (CR8). This guitar was produced as a limited run for 2014 and was available only from four Benchmark dealers in the USA. The figured tops were hand selected for the run by the Benchmark dealers and...
  16. KOTR

    Sold Vintage Fender Silverface Vibrochamp

    Up for sale is my vintage Fender silverface Vibro Champ. I have owned this amp since 1994. The amp's serial# is A846712. This dates it to 1978 based on the info at It is in perfect working order. It is not a mint condition museum piece but, as the high res...
  17. KOTR

    Sold Line 6 FBV Shortboard PRICE DROP

    Up for sale is my Line6 FBV shortboard foot controller. This pedal board is no longer made by Line 6. I am the pedal original owner. This pedal functions 100% perfectly. The board is in MINT condition. This is shown in the high res pics below. Comes with original box, instructions, and...
  18. KOTR

    Sold 2011 Gibson CR4 Chambered Goldtop '54 Les Paul

    For your consideration is my very gently used 2011 Gibson Custom Shop CR4 Goldtop. This model 1954 reissue chambered Les Paul was only available in very limited numbers from Gibson Benchmark Dealers. The neck measures 0.920” at the first fret and 1.002” at the twelfth fret. It is very...
  19. KOTR

    Which Model of Fender Tele is This?

    Looks like a set-neck Telecaster of some sort. Headstock looks like a Fender. Any idea exactly what it is? I can't find it on the Fender or Musician's Friend web sites.
  20. KOTR

    FS/FT: JHS Klon Klone (SOLD)

    Up for sale or trade is my JHS Klon Klone. I am the original owner and I bought the pedal direct from JHS. It measures 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.2" in size. This pedal functions 100% perfectly and is in MINT as-new condition. The clone pedal came from JHS with no box or instructions. JHS shipped it...
  21. KOTR

    FS/FT: PTD Paul Trombetta - Tornita Kitchen Sink (SOLD)

    Up for sale or trade is my PTD Paul Trombetta Tornita pedal. This is the Kitchen Sink (KS) version with all the bells and whistles. I am the pedal’s second owner. This pedal functions 100% perfectly. The pedal is in near mint condition except for one 1/4 inch scratch near the momentary...
  22. KOTR

    FS: Seymour Duncan BG-1400 Telecaster Bridge Pickup - SOLD

    Up for sale is my Seymour Duncan BG-1400 Tele bridge pickup. Stacked humbucker designed by/for Billy Gibbons also known as the Pearly Gates Esquire pickup. Alnico 5 magnets. 4 conductor wire that can be split/tapped for single coil tones. Works great with the Callaham Esquire assembly I have...
  23. KOTR

    2005 Lovepedal COT 50 Handwired - Pics

    Just got this little gem last week and thought I would post some pics... Still experimenting with different guitars and amps but it sounds killer though my Lil' King with a '56 CS Strat, '59 Reissue Les Paul, or SG. Early ZZ Top tones are easy to dial in. Still need to try it with the Nocaster.
  24. KOTR

    Lovepedal COT - Please Help Me Make Sense of All The Versions

    I am suffering a recent GAS attack for a COT pedal. After doing a little research I am little lost in all the various versions of the COT. For those of you that have first hand experience, please help me sort out all the various versions: 1. Is the mini amp50 essentially the same as the...
  25. KOTR

    ProAnalog MKII Info Needed

    I've been considering a ProAnalog MKII. Trying to find some info: How much did these pedals sell for new? When did Scotty switch from turret board construction to PCB? What the tonal differences between the various germanium transistors used? Thanks!