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  1. SetFiretotheHive

    What Drive Pedals Play Well w/ the Benson Preamp?

    I recently fell in love with the Benson preamp and it's now a main part of my board but I'm having a hard time finding pedals that jive well with its sound - I've tried a few screamers, MiABs, etc. I'm basically looking for something big and clear to boost it - what are you all liking...
  2. SetFiretotheHive

    J Mascis Jazzmaster - Replacement Neck

    Hey everyone, Hoping I can get some info, haven't found much "concrete" stuff out there - I have a J mascis that I love, love, love - replaced all the pickups with Lollars and upgraded the parts. The neck though is an area I'd like to upgrade to something that's nicely relic'd and worn (but not...
  3. SetFiretotheHive

    Benson Preamp - What pedal to boost it?

    Recently got a Benson Preamp and holy lord do I love it - seriously digging it so far. My rig is pretty simple; Jazzmaster into Fender Blackface amps (vintage bassman, 65 DRRI) I want to use the Benson at about mid-gain and find a pedal that's good to put before it to boost it into "gainier"...
  4. SetFiretotheHive

    Worsening Nickel Allergy....String Options?

    Hey everyone, 34 years old and my nickel allergy, which has always been pretty mild and manageable has started to get pretty bad the past few years to the point now where if I have an extended play session I have to deal with some pretty back breakouts/blisters on my hands - not like elephant...
  5. SetFiretotheHive

    HX Effects Help - Trouble w/ Delay Timing & Tap Speeds

    Hoping to get some insight on some issues I'm having with creating some delay patches as the manual leaves a lot to be desired in terms of in-depth information on specific effects. What delays have significant time constraints? I'm having issues setting tempo via tap and subdivisions which...
  6. SetFiretotheHive

    Line 6 HX Effects - Alternative ways to power?

    Got an HX Effects over the weekend, loving it so much it'll likely be a staple on my board for awhile. The only thing that's a bit of a problem is the power supply, it's a really high Ma draw and a large /odd size (maybe this is standard to Line 6? Haven't had one of their products since my M9)...
  7. SetFiretotheHive

    DOD Mini Volume - Question for Owners

    I just got a DOD Mini Volume pedal (new through and was curious if the foot pedal itself is supposed to feel a bit loose. All the screws are tight and it feels solid but the pedal itself, if I grab it with my hand can be wobbled back and forth (side to side) almost like it's slightly...
  8. SetFiretotheHive

    DOD Mini Volume Pedal - Real World Impressions?

    Just curious what everyone's take is on this thing. I just ordered one w/ some X-mas gift cards, seems (on paper) to be exactly what I want for my board but looking around online it seems like it has mostly negative reviews which seems odd - I've always had good luck w/ the newer DOD stuff...
  9. SetFiretotheHive

    What's up with Foxpedal?

    Anyone hear anything about what's going on over there? Fan of their stuff but site/social media is down and they've kinda disappeared. Seems very odd.
  10. SetFiretotheHive

    Hologram Infinite Jets: Can it do POG-esque Octave Up & Down?

    I'm quickly falling in love with the infinite jets via online videos (no local shops near me) and thinking of getting one, but being a broke-ass musician I might need to sell a pedal or two to fund the purchase. Can it get anywhere near POG-ish octave ups and downs? It seems like it does some...
  11. SetFiretotheHive

    TC Quintessence as a POG-like?

    Heyo, I have a Quintessence on the way, just curious if (assuming w/ the Toneprint Editor) this can do some octave up and/or down POG type stuff well? Thanks!
  12. SetFiretotheHive

    TC Harmony Singer 2 - Question & Impressions? Thoughts?

    Hey there, in the market for a small vocal pedal that covers some of the basics; overall sound improvement, slight transparent pitch correction, verb/delay, and ideally harmonies as well. I've narrowed it down to the TC Harmony Singer 2 and the Boss VE-2 (or possibly VE-20) - but no stores...
  13. SetFiretotheHive

    Matthews Effects Chemist - Any Thoughts?

    Anyone have one? Looking for a small, versatile modulation pedal and this seems intriguing. I have their Astronomer reverb and love it to death. What are your thoughts?
  14. SetFiretotheHive

    Any Stone Deaf Trashy Blonde users out there?

    Hey there, I just ordered a Trashy Blonde, noticed they were on sale (got it new for $150 via Reverb). I've always been interested in their stuff and this one sounds great from videos. Anyone using one? What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  15. SetFiretotheHive

    Cusack / Mojo Hand - Outstanding Customer Service Shoutout!

    Just sharing a great experience I had: I bought a Cusack AME Trem direct from them via which showed up with a problem (wouldn't power on), contacted them and within a day it was on their way back with no charge. That's great, but they fixed it the same day it arrived and expedited it...
  16. SetFiretotheHive

    Other Fuzzes like the EQD Spires' Green Side?

    Long story short, tried the spires and just fell in love with the gnarly, musical, gated green side and while the red side is killer it just wasn't my thing. Anything out there like the green side (EQD or otherwise) with more controls? Thanks!
  17. SetFiretotheHive

    EQD Sea Machine Question: Can it do a long, slow, churning, seasick warble?

    Just a Quick Sea Machine Question (see title). Every video I've found on YouTube sounds incredible, and it seems like it should do well at this but i haven't seen/heard evidence at slower speeds. I currently have a Zvex Lo Fi Junky and LOVE it to death but it can be a little noisy at times...
  18. SetFiretotheHive

    NPD: Retro Mechanical Labs 432k Distortion Box - Pic & Demo Inside

    NPD a few days ago, picked up this bad boy to check out. Always wanted to get my hands on one and a local shop had a few in stock so I said screw it! Gorgeous, built like a tank, and sounds killer. Steep learning curve as all the controls are probably more interactive than any other pedal I've...
  19. SetFiretotheHive

    Any Good Woolly Mammoth-style Fuzzes or Clones out There?

    Always loved the Mammoth, but it's always been out of my price range and quite frankly (no disrespect I own quite a few kickass Zvex pedals) I don't understand why it's so much. Are there any clones or similar fuzzes out there worth checking?
  20. SetFiretotheHive

    Function(fx) The Third Rail?

    Caught my eye and sounds really cool from the like 2 videos on YouTube...anyone have one? What are your thoughts? Looking for a good, versatile, fat-sounding drive pedal. Thanks!
  21. SetFiretotheHive

    Smallsound/Bigsound - Incredible Customer Service Shoutout

    Just wanted to share a quick and awesome experience I recently had w/ Brian @ Smallsound/bigsound: While hunting for a new drive box I fell in love with the ss/bs Mini @ TrueTone in Santa Monica, tested it out and just loved the damn thing. Took home a new one in the box and got home only to...
  22. SetFiretotheHive

    Talk me in to or out of the Boss SY-300...

    I keep thinking (and then un-thinking) about pulling the trigger on a Boss Sy-300 (used for sure, seen a few pop up around $550-$600), I'm definitely a player who spends a lot of time creating sounds/atmospheres/soundtrack-type stuff, generally obsessed with creating unguitar-like sounds so...
  23. SetFiretotheHive

    New Song Showcasing Trinity 2 Reverb, Timeline, Fnord Fuzz, and more

    Just finished up production on a new tune, all reverbs here are from the Trinity 2, delays from the Strymon Timeline, and the fuzzy synth-esque guitar lines during the chorus are the Fnord fuzz from Black arts Toneworks if anyone wants to hear them in a polished tune. Thanks!
  24. SetFiretotheHive

    Devi Ever Shoegazer Users - Want Free New Atari Pedal Art?

    Long story short: Made some new pedal graphics for Devi awhile back, but due to the company being sold/changing hands and now the manufacturing process is changing, they never really went anywhere. I'm willing to give the print files away for free to anyone that may want them, just email me via...