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    FT FS Dice Works Finale

    FT FS Dice Works Finale Mint in the Box. a Trade preferred.Would like to trade for Paul Trombetta Rotobone preference with Gesi switch. Or other Trombetta pedals.Thanks Picts available of Finale. Finale has TB/BM Tonebender / Big Muff settings Colorsound Supra Tone Bender, Triangle Big Muff...
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    Back to the Page

    Hi Everyone havn,t been to the page in a while.My daughter who was 10 years old at the time, was hit by a car three years ago. It,s been a rough ride, she made it but alot of damage transpired.I,ll be posting a few things for sale, my prioritys have changed since the accident.I,m still going to...
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    Ceriatone Overdrive Special Question

    I have a newer Ceriatone Overdrive Special and the LED for the power and standby switch went out. Anyone have the same experiance? What could be the cause of it and is it an easy fix? I can solder and have no problem doing it myself providing it,s not a lead up to a bigger problem. Any help...
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    EJ Strat with Older SN Better then Newer?

    I,ve heard that the early EJ Strats are more desirable then the new one,s.Some were to have come from the custom shop. I have an EJ Strat with a six digit serial number. Some i,m told have only five.Any info as to the difference would be greatly appreciated.
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    Boss SL20 Slicer Twin Pedal

    Anyone tried one out.?And what did you think?
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    Tim Larwill Retrosonic

    Tim Larwill, Is a stand up pedal maker. I bought a chorus off the page, it did not sound right, I emailed Tim explained my concern.He said send it to me and I,ll check out. He ended up having to replace a chip.It came back proto and as good as new.Sounding beautius .He refused to take any money...
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    RCM 3 Wah

    I have a Teese RCM 3 wah and want to set it to the sound of a picture wah.What is the best setting. Thanks JHX