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  1. veus55

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I ordered Feb 3 from SW and have not heard anything yet
  2. veus55

    NGD: Frank Brothers Arcade - Korina/BRAZ

    Sounds as good as it looks!!! "Yes" indeed
  3. veus55

    Boss Waza Air Headphones vs Fender Mustang Micro?

    Going back to the OP initial question: Pros: 1) The Waza sounds great for a simple solution to play quietly 2) I use it every morning before going to work (around 6:30 am) and it sounds glorious 3) The form factor and comfort is great. I like not having cables 4) It pairs well with my iPhone so...
  4. veus55

    Boss Waza Air Headphones vs Fender Mustang Micro?

    When you use a modeler, the typical headphones used tend to have a flat response. I think that the Waza Air are designed and optimized for guitar therefore not "flat"
  5. veus55

    Boss Waza Air Headphones vs Fender Mustang Micro?

    I have not used the Fender Mustang Micro but I have played the Waza Air for about a year now on a daily basis. In my opinion, the Waza will give you the most satisfying headphone experience that I have tried so far. I have played through headphones with the Axe Fx, Axe Fx II, Helix, Helix stomp...
  6. veus55

    Who is the Most "Likeable" Guitar God?

    Agree with so many mentioned above. In my personal experience, Steve Morse was super friendly and spent some time talking to me about his wet/dry rig at one NAMM. That was an unforgettable experience for me
  7. veus55

    Knaggs Severn Larry Mitchell Signature

    That guitar looks great. Larry is a great guy!
  8. veus55

    Iron Maiden Moonchild & Evil That Men Do, live with Axe-Fx III and AX8

    You guys are awesome!!! Great tones
  9. veus55

    Runt Guitars (Japan) - giving Teuffel and Tao a run for their money?

    I would love to have a thread about Japanese builders.
  10. veus55

    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    Issue fixed, restarted my phone and it worked. Waza Air is the best practice and travel tool!!!!
  11. veus55

    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    Mine still doesn't work after the update
  12. veus55

    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    Same problem here
  13. veus55

    Your #1 couch rig.

    I don't understand why is Waza Air not mentioned more. I was at NAMM when it was introduced and even before trying it I was convinced that it was amazing by looking at peoples reaction when they tried it. The amp and effects are all in the headphone. It can be controlled with your smartphone...
  14. veus55

    John Mayer HX Stomp patch with QTron

    Great tones and playing
  15. veus55

    Sigh. Broke my guitar last night. UPDATE: Structural repair seems great.

    Great!!! That hurt. I am glad it worked out
  16. veus55

    NGD:Because I couldn't bring myself to buy a Strat

    Like it a lot. For those who can tolerate new aesthetics
  17. veus55

    Favourite Boutique Les Paul Style Guitars?

    David Myka Screen Shot 2014-10-20 At 5.17.20 PM by veus55 posted Aug 7, 2017 at 10:09 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-20 At 5.15.41 PM by veus55 posted Aug 7, 2017 at 10:10 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-20 At 5.14.52 PM by veus55 posted Aug 7, 2017 at 10:08 PM
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    Biggest Regret Purchase?

    I am amazed by the diversity of TGP. So many people hate gear I love
  19. veus55

    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    Just got mine and this thing is awesome. No problems here. Great device if you want to play and not disturb the family. I am also taking this with me in the future if I ever travel again
  20. veus55

    Why do people like Fender Guitars?

    Fenders are not hyped, they are great guitars for those who like Fenders
  21. veus55

    Suhr guitar issues

    Mods, you totally dropped the ball here. We just lost a valued member of this forum because this thread was not closed when it should have. Part of the value of TGP is having industry insiders sharing their wisdom. The OP may have a valid complaint but this was not the forum and @Husky as usual...