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  1. dsimms

    Thinking about buying a 1973 Fender Twin Reverb - Am I high?

    My 73 Twin was my main amp for a long time - bought it new in 73, used it as my only amp for twenty years, then added a JCM800 so I had the "best of both worlds". That was heavy amp and a lot to bring to the gig. Sold it fifteen years ago as I found lighter and more versatile amps for home and...
  2. dsimms

    Favorite guitarists who play PRS?

    Steven Wilson, Leon Todd, Emil Werstler, Jimmy Herring, John McLaughlin.
  3. dsimms

    Marshall Vintage Modern......what an amp!!!!!

    Good question - this is a great cab. I've downsized, along with most of the live music scene around here (Montgomery, AL). It was part of my main rig from 2010 - 2016. The sound was glorious switching between a Roccaforte and a Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 head with a Radial Headbone VT head switcher...
  4. dsimms

    Marshall Vintage Modern......what an amp!!!!!

    I've got a 425A VM cab for sale in very good condition if you're still looking. I think the G12C speakers are great and worked well with my Roccaforte and Bad Cat heads.
  5. dsimms

    Post a pic of your #1 go to....

    I hear you. Their super clean active electronics work well for their basses and clean and funky stuff on guitars, but I find them too clear/flat/clean for organic overdriven tones.
  6. dsimms

    Post a pic of your #1 go to....

    Thanks. I've always thought of Alembic as leading the way for small boutique builders and that Paul used them as a good example of top build quality.
  7. dsimms

    Post a pic of your #1 go to....

    Love the earlier Annapolis PRS guitars. Mine's an '89 employees model take on a Custom 24. You're right about it being a great swiss army knife between a Strat and Les Paul. If I had to take one guitar to a gig to cover lots of ground, this is it. The HSH configuration and some special...
  8. dsimms

    ONE single song or tune that to this day still makes your eyes well up ?

    Guthrie Govan on guitar doesn't hurt either.
  9. dsimms

    My guitars were stolen

    Some of you have asked me about my experience/cost using Heritage for insuring my gear. I'm very happy with them. I've used them for over 10 years, and they insure my gear for full replacement cost anywhere except stored in a band trailer. That full replacement cost is important since I've got...
  10. dsimms

    My guitars were stolen

    +1 for Heritage
  11. dsimms

    What is the best 2x12 cab you've owned or heard?

    My Bad Cat 212 with G12H 30s for open back and Roccaforte 212 with Eminence Red Coat Governors for closed back.
  12. dsimms

    What's the tonal difference between roasted and regular maple necks?

    Hippie sandwich: Multiple laminates layered in guitar and bass necks - see my Alembic bass in my avatar. The 5 layers supposedly add strength, maybe tone and looks if you like it. The Alembic folks know what they're doing. I think it picked up the hippie sandwich slang because of bands like The...
  13. dsimms

    Your Prettiest Guitar

    Glad you got to see Stanley play. He got me interested in Alembics back in the mid 70s, when I was listening to Jeff Beck and Return to Forever. I've always enjoyed Jeff and Stanley working together and feel that Jeff brought out the rocker in Stanley. Mine is a 1977 Series One I bought used...
  14. dsimms

    Your Prettiest Guitar

    Hard to decide between these three all at the top of their game
  15. dsimms

    What kind of audio quality did most people have access to in the 70s?

    Ha! No kidding. After hating and tolerating the lack of response above 5K on those cheap players I was ready for the king.
  16. dsimms

    What kind of audio quality did most people have access to in the 70s?

    I went through my teens and college years in the 70s. I remember cheap to medium Craig and Audiovox car stereos with no treble, and the first time I heard my Black Sabbath cassette tape on a decent stereo instead of my cheap portable tape player at my guitar teacher's studio (You mean War Pigs...
  17. dsimms

    What's your rarest pedal?

    My original 70's ADA Flanger, with their foot controller. Bought them new from Chuck Levin's in the late 70s. A classic, sounds incredible. On the board here. Through this open back BadCat 212 it fills the room with magic!
  18. dsimms

    List your gigging amps over the years

    No, fortunately (or unfortunately) my stage experiences have been consistently good since downsizing.
  19. dsimms

    List your gigging amps over the years

    In order... Late 60s: 60's Vibrolux Reverb, my first amp which I foolishly sold because it "broke up too early" to buy a... 1970s: New 73 Silverfaced Twin Reverb, which was superclean and had no soul, but that was my main amp for a long time until I added a... 1990s: Marshall JCM 800 (don't...
  20. dsimms

    Bob Gjika on Ken Fischer

    Bob just put this up and there's some great talk about his influences. He shares a lot about his relationship and discussions with Ken.
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    Some previous discussion:
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    Who is your favorite amp demo guy?

    Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy) has been doing some great demos for PRS lately.
  23. dsimms

    Unhappy former blasting rock guitarist facing reality

    I went with a modeling system (Axe FX with two Atomic CLRs) early last year and love it. You can see the very nice half stack rig I was using before in my gear link below. That's in storage/for sale now. I have the two CLR wedges set up in front of me as monitors and can easily get the same...