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    Sold Line 6 M5

    Got in a trade, i've never used it. No power supply. Have OG Box and Papers. Looking for Fulltone Fulldrive TS-808, timmy, Fulltone Octafuzz
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    Latest Van Halen Concert Update

    Just got home from seeing them a few hours ago They were better than i expected, i saw some horrible you tube vids i was prepared for disaster Very Solid concert, Eddie was on and tore it up DLR was doing his best, and he didn't take many risks, but he managed to not be too out of whack On a...
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    neil young strumming techniques

    not sure if that is an accurate title---- but i will try to explain---- it seems he plays a lot of his slower songs even with his famous growl he uses his fingers a lot--- does this mellow the raging sound? one of my favorite sounds of neils beyond the obvious hey, hey type ole black classic ear...
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    newbie on this site

    i am on a bunch of sites-- just decided to check this one out--- look forward to getting some good info--- rock on and peace!