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    Kimock "Untitled (for Japan)" A Beautiful, poignant, and elegiac piece from Mr. Kimock...
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    Garage Band question about audio input

    Hey folks, I've been engineering and producing my own projects as well as demos for others using Pro Tools since 2001 and have never had occasion to use Garage Band. My mother is an artist and she wants to use Garage Band to record some ambient nature sounds for an installation she is working...
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    Best Bedroom/Practice amp for under 800$?

    One of my students wants to upgrade to a small tube amp and has a decent chunk of change to drop on it. She'll be playing alone or with one other person so she doesn't need to get loud. She doesn't want to fool with a used amp or outboard 'verb so we're looking at new stuff anything clean to...
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    MXR rubber knob turner thingies-- where to buy them?

    Those rubber things that come with MXR pedals that enable you to use your foot to turn knobs, anyone know where to buy them and what they are called? Thanks!
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    Opinions on Speaker Simulators, Palmer, Motherload etc.

    I'm moving to a house where I'm going to need to be quiet in the evenings/nights when I practice/record. I've been looking at the Palmer PDI-03 and the Sequis Motherload and am wondering if any of you have had experience with either or both of them? I'll be using them with my Mesa Lonestar...