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  1. GlueMan

    ‘Twin Clean’ minus ‘Twin weight’ = what?

    I think*, I only need one last amp... *famous last words.
  2. GlueMan

    Double (or even triple) power Carr Rambler

    I have, and have fallen in love with, my Carr Rambler. However, I consider it my "smaller" rig. I'm looking to get that same clean sound (Rambler volume knob at about 10-10:30 oclock, 40% - and bass knob about equal with both others, 12 oclock ) at a higher volume. any higher on those and the...
  3. GlueMan

    Quick ? Backline: JCM800 vs Clubman

    I play R&B / Blues. Brought my Clubman to play through a Marshall 4x12. How would I like a jcm800? Specifically the cleanish / mild break-up. Set goes off in 1.5 hours.
  4. GlueMan

    EVH technique: Tapping vs. 2-handed hammer-on/pull-offs.

    There are two different techniques EVH uses on the neck with his right hand, Hammer-on/pull-off (eruption) and Tapping Harmonics (intro to Mean Street, intro to Girl Gone Bad). The Hammer-on/Pull-off move was not terribly innovative and many guys had used it, just not to the extent that EVH did...
  5. GlueMan

    Old 6L6 - from a 30s radio.

    I bought a working 1936 or '37 Zenith Radio last weekend. I've yet to check all the tubes, but there is this RCA 6L6 in there. It's encased black metal (not a just a cover like you see now). There's no guide pin. See pics below. What is it? Can I pull it and try it in one of my amps? Is it...
  6. GlueMan

    Help me pick my next one.

    In true Gear Page fashion, I'm already trying to decide what my next guitar should be, before I even take delivery of the latest one I've purchased. (PRS Starla) My guitar buying philosophy is 'different'. Below is the list of what I do have. I'd like some suggestions on what to get next with...
  7. GlueMan

    First Guitar...

    My Pop bought this sometime in the 60s at (I think) Sears. I had to bang away on this for months, or possibly a year, in 1985 before i could get a 'real' guitar. Also, when I started playing it, it only had 2 strings (the low E and A) and that's how I taught myself 'barre chords' (seriously)...
  8. GlueMan

    4x10 vs. 2x10: How big of a difference?

    Hi all, May I please have some opinions about how big of a difference there is between a 4x10 cab and a 2x10 cab. I don't own either but have played through a 4x10 a few time when it was offered in a backline. Every time I have, I have loved it, and I'm beginning to think maybe I'm a 10"...
  9. GlueMan

    Badcat: Black Cat vs. Cub II

    I have a Black Cat 30 and was wondering if it would be a waste of money to also get a Cub IIR. The Black Cat has a half power switch so it will run at 15w. Is there anything the Cub does that the Black Cat doesn't? Do they sound different? I realize the Cub is lighter (20 lbs.) and could save my...
  10. GlueMan

    12AX7 tube advice

    I'm looking to get a variety of 12AX7s to try. What, being easilyavailable, would be the top 3 that you would recommend. I'm not a high gain player at all. I'm using a Carr Slant 6V (I like what came with it) and a Bad Cat Black Cat (using JJs currently and like them as well). Also, is there...
  11. GlueMan

    New Black Cat - I think I'm done.

    Oops...went down "just to look" and ended up coming home with this Bought a Slant 6V last year and now this. I don't think I'll be needing anything for quite a while as these two cover my range quite nicely and pleasingly. Any one...