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  1. Wiz-ski

    Size does matter - RE: your band banner

    What size band banner are you guys using? Doing some looking on the internet and getting a lot of different suggestions - venues will range from rock clubs to outdoor festivals. Think an 8x10 is sufficient?
  2. Wiz-ski

    Fake Sales : /

    So I won't mention any company names...but I've had my eye on a boutique amp from a specific company for some time now, but haven't pulled the trigger. Today on their facebook page I get an add - use a code and get 15% off! So I go to their site to check out the deal, and low and behold, the...
  3. Wiz-ski

    Bleed through from disengaged pedal?

    Just wondering if anybody has had a similar issue and can advise of cause. (I won't mention the specific pedal out of respect for the manufacturer - no need to generate any negative press for something isolated to my unit / situation.) I have a rotary speaker pedal on my board, and when the...
  4. Wiz-ski

    Minor headstock repair in Raleigh NC?

  5. Wiz-ski

    That moment when your child wants to play guitar....

    So i just had to share this moment with people that would understand... I'm the father of 2 sons. Oldest boy (15) took a stab at the guitar a few years back, and it went nowhere - everything he had done up until that point came to him easily - i've seen the kid build cannons out of legos that...
  6. Wiz-ski

    Am I crazy for jonesin' for one of these?

    I've seen these listed a few times on Reverb & eBay - but I saw one at Gruhn's this week in person, and man I thought it was sexy as hell. I know it won't sound like a Gretsch with those humbuckers, but it does have the zero fret, so that counts for something...right? I don't know, call...
  7. Wiz-ski

    Lucy Les Paul - seam

    How hard would it be to find a Les Paul with a top seam like Lucy, in any finish....without laying out $15k for an actual Lucy? Thinking refin, etc.
  8. Wiz-ski

    Recommendations for custom pedalboard flight case?

    Quick and dirty post - I built my own pedalboard - measurements show I would need capacity for 23x17x7 inside the flight case. Nothing I'm seeing "off the rack" seems to work - so I guess I have to go custom. Recommendations?
  9. Wiz-ski

    Talk me out of buying a UK-made AC30 Handwired Limited Edition

    I currently have an AC30CCH, with UK blues in the cab....have an oppty to buy a 2003 UK HWH LE rig (not locally). The more and more I read, the more and more I want to pull the trigger (and then get beat up by my wife). I read that they are worlds apart - not to mention the UK HWH is...
  10. Wiz-ski

    Recommendations for a cart to lug gear into a gig?

    Thinking about getting a cart so there are less trips back and forth to the car. Whatcha using if anything?
  11. Wiz-ski

    Third Party Pedal Repair (RE: PCE AF2)

    Well, been gigging pretty heavily with the PCE Aluminum Falcon 2, and the other day I mis-stepped and totally stepped on the 2 top mounted switches (Bass Boost & Buffer / True Bypass). Well the switches are wrecked and the pedal is dead. Considering what I went through to get this pedal from...
  12. Wiz-ski

    Family Portrait Time...if you like the Beatles

    Been doing a Beatles gig over the past 2 years...accumulated some nice guitars over that time. Pulled them together for a group shot...something for the Beatles fans...
  13. Wiz-ski

    Opened up my rectifier tube?

    Sat down today to swap out my Wharfedales for Blues, and when I pulled out the chassis...I found this: How is this possible? The amp is working fine...a mod of some sort?
  14. Wiz-ski

    Anybody have a Weber California in their BF/SF Deluxe Reverb?

    If so, thoughts? Anybody had one in there and moved onto something else? I have a California in one of the spots of my Pro Reverb, and I'm in the process of downsizing to a DR. Amp isn't in hand yet, but wanted to know what you guys have found prior.
  15. Wiz-ski

    Closet amp + Recapping....

    Will a 1970 Fender Deluxe Reverb that sat in a closet for 30 years unplayed need a cap job?
  16. Wiz-ski

    Do you ever want to ask the TGP community's opinion on....

    ...something you're thinking about buying, but afraid if you do, somebody will see your post and go snatch it up? ....just askin.
  17. Wiz-ski

    Are my strat days over?

    I used to play nothing but a stratocaster....for a good 15 years. I realized today, since I've been playing with my band - about 10 months now - I haven't picked up the strat once. No desire to. Are my strat days over? Has anybody gone through this as well?
  18. Wiz-ski

    Has anybody ditched a Rotosphere due to size....

    ...and if so, what did you replace it with? Do you regret it, or are you happy? I love the Rotosphere, but it's the size of a walmart parking lot - and I'm not to keen on that AC adaptor. Oh, and please don't respond with "try a [pedal of the month]" response, only want to hear from people...
  19. Wiz-ski

    Any tips to be a better singer of harmonies?

    So i'm in a cover band currently that is very vocal harmony heavy...when it comes to three part harmony, a lot of times i find myself singing in unison with the lead or the upper harmony, and having a hard time finding that middle harmony.... This is my first foray into singing, so this is all...
  20. Wiz-ski

    NGD!!! (Rosewood Tele Partscaster Content)

    Finally got this badboy finished....I can't say enough good things about Ron Estrada at Mammoth Guitars - he did the neck and body for this project, and he was true pro. The job he did on these parts are just unbelievable. And the price was right too! Check this out! All Fender USA parts...
  21. Wiz-ski

    Anybody pull off a sitar sound with an M9?

    Looking for some advice if you have.....
  22. Wiz-ski

    Ron Estrada - Mammoth?

    Anybody ever deal with Ron Estrada with Mammoth Guitars in CA? Just looking for some feedback, and pics of you got'em!
  23. Wiz-ski

    Rosewood Tele - Question about Rosewood...

    So I'm trying to put together an all rosewood telecaster...I have access to tele bodies in either Indian Rosewood or African Rosewood. I know that Harrison's tele, and all other iterations of the rosewood tele, are Indian Rosewood. Does anybody have any experience with African Rosewood? What...
  24. Wiz-ski

    Anybody able to pull off a believable 12 string emulation in the M9?

    Just curious, thought I'd ask before trying to hammer it out myself.....
  25. Wiz-ski

    NGD - Elitist Casino!!

    This is my third Casino...been jonesin' for an Elitist since the beginning. Here it is with my Inspired by Lennon Casino in Natural: