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  1. royd

    Mooer micro pre-amps clean?

    I’m looking for a preamp and am interested in the Mooer micros... but the videos all seem to focus on the dirty tones. I’m most interested in the cleans. Any thoughts/impressions regarding which ones do the best cleans? Unfortunately, I like Vox, Marshall, & Fenderish cleans so I’m open to...
  2. royd

    NGD: Logan Tele

    Ok... not quite a new guitar day... I’ve had it two weeks. Tele shaped, flamed maple top, chambered alder back, roasted maple 1 piece neck, Fralin P92 pups. The guitar was in Logan’s already finished bin and had been marked down. It had pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I had...
  3. royd

    Best Tele Thinline style guitar?

    I've been on the darkside for the past 8 or 9 years, playing bass exclusively, but now I'm getting interested in coming back to guitar... and am GASSING for a Tele thinline style guitar. Who's building the best one(s) out there these days? At various price points from low to boutique... Are...
  4. royd

    K&K magnetic

    I see that K&K has released a magnetic pickup - the Helix - and a dual source with the Pure Mini and the Helix. Since the 90's I've been using a dual source with a SBT and a magnetic and I find that to be the most "accurate" and most pleasing amplified sound for my acoustic. I'm not sure that...
  5. royd

    NAD: Genzler 350 Combo

    I’ve been playing the Genzler big brother - the Magellan 800 head and a single BA12-3 for some time now and love them but it has felt as if a smaller grab and go combo would be a good thing for my various uses. I’ve also had only one rig which meant more schlepping than I really wanted to do. I...
  6. royd

    Genzler Acoustic amp

    Genzler has released a new acoustic amp using their array speaker design with two identical channels and tons of I/O. I have the 800 watt bass head and BA12-3 bass cab and have used it with my Lowden acoustic and...
  7. royd

    NBD: Sire V7

    You can see my fretless Bee Bass in my avatar... I'd be happy to play nothing but that bass... ever... it simply works for me. But... I have lost a couple of gigs because it doesn't look like a Fender... and even more because it doesn't have any speed bumps on the fingerboard. So, I decided to...
  8. royd

    New Amp Day

    I'm a huge fan of Jeff Genzler's products. I had a Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0-8T (the coolest micro stack) and loved it. upgraded the cab to an Acme B2. Then upgraded the head to a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0. I decided the Acme didn't work for me. upgraded that cab to a Genzler BA12-3 in Dec. '15 and...
  9. royd

    Small combo recommendations wanted

    So... I'm looking for a small, lightweight combo that would be used 90% of the time as a practice amp but I'd also like the possibility of lower volume gigs. I require an XLR out. I've been looking at the Carvin MB110, the TC Electronics BG250-112, and the Fender Rumble 100... I'd appreciate...
  10. royd

    Tiny Desk Entry

    My daughter and I did an entry this year to the Tiny Desk Contest... check it out
  11. royd

    New Cab Day - Genzler BA 12-3

    I received my new cab last Friday - a Genzler BA 12-3 - and have used it in two very different settings this past weekend. The new cab has a Faital 12 inch woofer and 4, 3 inch mid/treble drivers in a line array at 8 ohms with a 350 watt rating. I had been using a 4 ohm Acme B2 - 2 10's, a 4...
  12. royd

    Pickup thoughts

    Here's a piece I wrote a couple of years ago with a few updates... thinking about pickups First off, the guitar you are using is less an issue than the setting you'll be playing in, the type of music you do, and how much expense/complexity you can tolerate. Of course there are some exceptions -...
  13. royd

    small Carvin amps

    I posted a review of a Carvin AG300 (acoustic guitar amp) that I just purchased in the acoustic forum. Here I link it here because the AG300 has the same speakers and power amp as the MB12 but with a different preamp. Carvin advertises the AG300 as being suitable for a bass and it is not bad...
  14. royd

    NAD - Carvin AG300

    A few weeks ago I sold my Fishman Soloamp and purchased a used AG300 which arrived yesterday. I do like the fishstick for what it is, but it wasn't quite the Swiss Army Knife that I need at this point... I had a few minutes with the Carvin this morning and I am very impressed and pleased. One...
  15. royd

    NBD - Bee Bass Groovebee

    Last week I posted a thread that I had purchased a Bee Bass Groovebee on e-bay and was waiting to receive it. I had owned fretless basses before and have always loved the mwah when played by a good player. I wasn't really a bass player then - more a guitar player, playing at the bass - and all...
  16. royd

    Bee bass on the way

    I've been gassing for a Bee Bass fretless for some time and purchased a GrooveBee directly from the builder on e-bay. I'm really looking forward to receiving it mid week. He said the body is Papau New Guinea mahogany and the fingerboard is jotoba with maple lines, coated with CA. It has the...
  17. royd

    Lowden comparison

    this video has a wonderful comparison of three different body styles in a Lowden cedar top kcYzsuZAGxw
  18. royd

    Headway EDB-2 review

    I've had the unit for a couple of months and have gotten to use it in a number of situations. Here's the background. My Lowden O25C Custom has a sunrise soundhole pup and an earlier generation McIntyre SBT in it. My primary rig comes out via a stereo cable to a rack with a Sunrise stereo...
  19. royd


    new accessory day... I've got a gig coming up with a full band and felt that a soundhole cover would help with any potential feedback problems. Then, I discovered that the soundhole in my Lowden is a little larger than most guitars. I ended up ordering a custom one from lutehole in the larger...
  20. royd

    NAMM report

    I got home from 2 days at NAMM last night... I have to admit that each year I find myself less interested in walking around and checking things out. It is just sooo loud. So, I went to each of the higher end acoustic booths, plus Martin & Taylor, a few microphone companies to look, the...
  21. royd

    Lowden/Bensusan 40th anniversary edition

    This year marks a 40th anniversary for both Pierre Bensusan and Lowden guitars so in celebration, Lowden is releasing an anniversary model that is a copy of Pierre's "Old Lady." Additionally there will be another 40th anniversary model which I understand will be built by George and his sons who...
  22. royd

    Lowden guitar shapes

    Here's another video from George Lowden, this one describing the differences between his three sizes. Thomas Leeb demonstrates them. 6U-_j3oR6Fo
  23. royd

    George Lowden on tonewoods

    I found these videos very interesting with George Lowden talking about various woods that he uses #1 lov_ystdnUA #2 3rKXpCpoIEQ
  24. royd

    Dimarzio Angel - NPD

    My favorite system is a Sunrise with a good SBT (in my #1 an earlier generation McIntyre) through an external blending preamp. That is what I have in my O25C and don't see that I'll be changing it any time soon. My #2 - Lowden S10P - had an old Fishman Natural in it when I purchased it. I...
  25. royd

    Acoustic pickup samples

    I've been participating in Cal's thread regarding Paul Simon's live sound and thought it might be of interest to post two quick samples of my two guitars' pickup systems. I picked a bit from a song that includes bother softer fingerstyle and some harder strumming to give a sense of how each rig...