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  1. gumtown

    Fuzz or distortion for synth sound?

    Check out the new Boss SY-1 synth stomp pedal. 121 different polyphonic synth types.
  2. gumtown

    Does practicing on different bass guitars help improve your skills?

    I got all sorts 4, 5 , 6 string, narrow and wide neck, short and long scale, 20, 22, 24 fret, electric, acoustic. The biggest thing that trips me up at gigs is swapping between narrow and wide neck, and missing landing on a string.
  3. gumtown

    Preamp or cab sim pedal?

    Tech21 VT-Bass DI, preamp and DI all-in-one, with an Ampeg flavored tone. Also has a basic cab sim option. or the same in the VT-Bass Deluxe if you want 3 programmable channels.
  4. gumtown

    Bass AND Guitar-esque sound (ala Royal Blood)

    Another vote for the Boss SY-300, it works flawlessly. I also use a Roland GR-55, where I can use the regular bass tone via a Tech21 VtBass, and the guitaresque sound from the HRM guitar modelling for the guitar root note, and 2 x guitar PCM synth tones set at power chord harmonies, run...
  5. gumtown

    Class D power amp suggestions?

    Watts meter for your speaker
  6. gumtown

    Class D power amp suggestions?

    If it is a good quality reputable brand class D amp, you should get RMS watts as per label. If you are needing 3 x the power, he must be using BEHRINGER amps :bonk I built myself a little compact 500watt (RMS) 4 x 6.5" combo practice bass amp, using a 500 watt SMPS and 500 watts class D amp...
  7. gumtown

    New bass gear is just so much more appealing than old bass gear

    Yes - new gear rocks. and I don't really get the vintage vibe thing. ?
  8. gumtown

    Need a 5-String Bass to Complement My 4-String Ric, $2000 Max

    MIA Fender deluxe/Elite from 2008 onward
  9. gumtown

    Fender Jazz V

    I have a 2008 MIA Fender Jazz V deluxe, 18 volt active, T/M/B tone stack. Had it for 8 years, also got a Squier VM jazz V passive as a practice beater. I very much prefer the active.
  10. gumtown

    new Boss GT-1B for bass

    Boss have just announced the new GT-1B BOSS - GT-1B | Bass Effects Processor Flagship Bass Tone in an Ultra-Compact Package The GT-1B gives bass players a massive range of pro tone-shaping power in a small and robust package. Backed by BOSS’s flagship sound engine, you have full access to a...
  11. gumtown

    Midi Bass available in today's market?

    I've been using the Roland GR-55 and GK-3B pickup on 5 of my basses for the past 5 years. it has a hek of a load of features inside.
  12. gumtown

    How good of a bass player was Gene Simmons?

    I have always wondered about that song "I was made for lov'n you", did Gene actually play bass on that one, as it seems a lot more going on that other bass stuff on their albums of the time. I seems a little out of his skill set.
  13. gumtown

    NBD: Squier Bass VI

    Here is a pic of mine, with a Roland GK-3 pickup installed. and this picture is before I trimmed the saddle screws, you can see them poking into the strings, because as the saddles are screwed back, the screw angle moves upward. And after trimming the screws on the E & A saddles
  14. gumtown

    NBD: Squier Bass VI

    Maybe if the 'strangle switch' is enabled to cut out the bass frequencies (a HPF) it could be used as a baritone guitar one octave below E tuning. Keep in mind it is a bass, and the same applies to playing through a guitar amp, it will be OK until you blow the speaker, just watch for speaker...
  15. gumtown

    NBD: Squier Bass VI

    I still have a saved link for the LaBella strings here
  16. gumtown

    NBD: Squier Bass VI

    The LaBella strings I have are 026 - 035 - 044 - 056 - 075 - 095 gauge and I don't recall having to file the nut.
  17. gumtown

    NBD: Squier Bass VI

    I have one of these, same colour too. I fitted the LaBella strings to mine, and had to re-do the setup (saddles, intonation, .. etc..) To get the intonation right, I had to cut two of the saddle adjuster screws shorter to pull the saddles right back on the E and A strings. At first there was an...
  18. gumtown

    Deluxe Reverb as bass amp

    Yeah..Nah !! not a good idea, I tried a 185 watt Fender twin as a temporary substitute for a practice bass amp once. I felt as though the speakers would pop if pushed too far, and the open back does not help, although placing the amp across the corner of the room does sort of work.
  19. gumtown

    So, why play bass?

    Yeah, don't know how many times I have done the bass part to a cover song note for note perfect, then have the guitarist tell you "no don't do it that way, just follow the same as what I am playing" Duh!! :rolleyes:
  20. gumtown

    So, why play bass?

    Bass is so under-rated, just listen to a few famous songs with the bass lines missing, some songs are unrecognisable.
  21. gumtown

    Anyone else find it more difficult to play bass with a pick?

    I also use 3 fingers to play tripplets
  22. gumtown

    Anyone else find it more difficult to play bass with a pick?

    I learn new songs with fingers, but gig with (mostly) a pick, I initially used to be fingers only but over 35 years of playing, have migrated to pick. Weird thing is lately I have just realised I now pick upwards strokes instead of downward.
  23. gumtown

    Newbie here: how often do you change strings?

    You didn't add seasoning to your boiled strings..
  24. gumtown

    Newbie here: how often do you change strings?

    Haven't broken too many strings lately, used to long ago. These days I change 'em every 6 months.
  25. gumtown

    Preamp to get good SVT rock tone

    As well as the VBA-400 (pictured right) I also have a Marshall MBA-450 (left) which has a really nice preamp tone on the classic channel, almost SVT like grind with a crisp high/mids - a really nice rock tone !!.