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  1. donnievaz

    Which Guitar Solo of the late 1980s Did You Really Think Was Cool?

    Everything Vito Bratta ever did...
  2. donnievaz

    Graphical interface for HX Edit

    I love the current layout, virtual knobs are idiotic at best.
  3. donnievaz

    Tom Morello Talks Sticking With The Same Gear All These Years

    Very interesting philosophy that's clearly worked out well for him. He also made me think about the inspiration we get from different gear though. I know different guitars inspire me to play differently. Amps as well to a lesser extent. In my opinion while his philosophy was crucial to his...
  4. donnievaz

    Helix: Please model The Greg amp from Koch

    I know this is an old thread but did anyone have any luck replicating "The Greg" on the Helix? I played around with the Bassman 0 bass, 10 mid, 0 treble, 10 presence settings and it's cool but it's not quite there. That Koch amp has defifinitely got something special going on.
  5. donnievaz

    Guitars that are “hard work” vs “easy to play”

    Here's mine from hardest to easiest. Tele Strat BC Rich Mockingbird Epi Explorer PRS SE245 PRS CE24 The Tele is really the only one that's a little tough but it's not that bad and nothing else sounds like a Tele.
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    Premier Guitar Mystery Stocking 2020

    No such thing as the late side. It sells out in 5 minutes every year. I skipped it this year, 4 boxes of sad was enough for me LOL
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    Helix 3.0?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. PLEASE give us a Boss CE-2 chorus!
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    I had a buddy with the exact same rig. Dave is that you? LOL
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    Cheap guitars now are exponentially better than when I was a kid! There were basically 2 levels. Beginner guitars that really weren't even that cheap relative to todays options, and Strats, LP's, Teles, etc. Sorry but anyone that thinks it was better then either wasn't alive or is insane.
  10. donnievaz

    How would you structure a 2 and a 1/2 hour practice session?

    I'd bet there's a whole lot of this going on. I should try it but I know I'm not fast enough for the non-tapped sections. I've been learning the Hotel California solo for the last 4 days here and there. Much more within my speed limit.
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    Van Halen's Women and Children First

    I gave my copy to one of my sisters friends. Definitely wasn't hanging that one up... LOL
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    Can you use a bridge PU in the neck?

    The Duncan Screamin' Demon (10K) works great in the neck with a hotter pickup like a JB in the bridge. Very articulate and not muddy.
  13. donnievaz

    JVM410 OD1 in a box

    Bogner LaGrange should get you close.
  14. donnievaz

    Things every guitar player should buy ... under $20

    Me too, although I mostly just tuned to the record on the turntable.
  15. donnievaz

    No matter how heavy you think you are, you will never be heavier than this...

    Here's a heavy bluesy groove for you. Bonus: it's in tune... No disrespect to John Lee Hooker but that out of tune live example was not the best choice in my opinion though I totally get what the OP is saying.
  16. donnievaz

    Can anyone match this hot rodded Marshall tone with their modeler?

    I was thinking the same thing, IMO sounds closer to a triple rec than a Marshall.
  17. donnievaz

    Man is it a SELLER'S market

    Been looking at boats and it's crazy out there right now. People are selling 2 year old boats for what they paid for them....
  18. donnievaz

    Vito Bratta

    This isn't the first time I've heard this but I always kind dug his voice.
  19. donnievaz

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    WHFS in DC used to play it but they played a lot of stuff other stations didn't play. It was a DC treasure.
  20. donnievaz

    PRS Sonzera Amp Line

    Forgot to mention that the gain before it gets mushy is plenty high, it's just not that super tight super focused tone that metal players like.
  21. donnievaz

    PRS Sonzera Amp Line

    If you're looking for a true high gain amp like the Archon or EVH type thing the Sonzera's probably not for you. That being said, the high gain channel is by no means bad. It's actually pretty Marshallish up to a point but once you get the gain halfway up it starts getting mushy. I put a 5751 in...
  22. donnievaz

    PRS Sonzera Amp Line

    I did, I still have it. 50 Watt head, it's a great amp but it's LOUD! Clean channel is sweet, reverb's pretty good, not great but good enough. The dirty channel is not quite as good IMO but it's by no means bad. I have it on Craigslist for sale as we speak. I just don't need that kind of power...
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    Please stop saying "Messa" Boogie. I'm begging you...

    I suggest you take up that argument with Cambridge.