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  1. Sunbreak Music

    Gtr lessons for kids in Scottsdale, AZ?

    Have a friend asking, and I'm new to the area and don't know anyone yet. Any suggestions? I think the kid is around 10 years old. Thanks, Cass
  2. Sunbreak Music

    "Convergence", an original composition....

    No, there aren't any words. ;-)
  3. Sunbreak Music

    Recent project of mine....

    ..where I get to be a musician--imagine that! Video duties handled by my partner Paul Russell, and shot last December in Arizona in very Hi-def (Red Epic for the folks into video). It's different kinda' stuff, but a few might dig it. :-) d_wADwIp-kg
  4. Sunbreak Music

    "AnotherWorldly" video....

    From my "Anawaty/Russell" project, shot with a Red Epic (think Avatar) in the painted desert during December of last year. Features Mark Zonder on drums, Jeff Leonard on Bass, Romy Benton on bamboo flute, and Anawaty/Russell on the rest. Hope ya' dig it, Cass d_wADwIp-kg
  5. Sunbreak Music

    Baraka inspired music video.... Featuring "The Enigmatic Smile Upon Her Lips of Beauty" from the Anawaty/Russell release "Monjour". Video is HD. Hope ya' dig it.
  6. Sunbreak Music

    My CD...

    There's probably another place for this to go, but this is where I hang out, so...... I just finished a collaboration with Composer/Producer/Mix Engineer Paul Russell that's entitled "Monjour" and falls squarely in the 'world ambient jazzy grove exotic lounge' category. :) You can listen to...
  7. Sunbreak Music

    Shortcuts for Logic users...

    Greetings, I know there are a few of you here, so even though I'm not one of you I thought I'd pass this along. ;) Don has written several popular theory books for guitarists and teaches a course in Logic at the University of Oregon as well as a few other subjects.
  8. Sunbreak Music

    Greetings from Portland, Or!

    Or at least the suburbs! My name is Cass Anawaty, and I've been picking away at the guitar for over 20 years. I enjoy all things good, but lean toward solo acoustic or electric atmospheric style guitar. I currently work as a mastering engineer, producer, composer, and hired gun guitarist...