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    Got these free cheap stuff from my neighbour !

    Drum machine is cool. I used to use one of those at a friends house when we jammed. I liked it. I'm sure modern ones sound more realistic, but this had it own sound.
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    New Clapton and Morrison together recording! Nice!!!

    "Lay Down Sally", now there's an anthem for all the rebels out there.
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    New Clapton and Morrison together recording! Nice!!!

    Asks the guy who sings "Wonderful Tonight ".
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    Urban Cowboy Soundtrack

    Loved the movie, loved the soundtrack, and continue to love Debra Winger.
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    Thinking about buying a 1973 Fender Twin Reverb - Am I high?

    Wouldn't do it. Not a MV fan on silverface amps. Had both. My main practise amp for years was a 1970 TR, was great, but if I could do it again I wouldn't hesitate and I'd go with a Tone Master, if you want something that big.
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    Could someone explain the used pedal market in Japan?

    If you're anywhere near Philadelphia, someone has had a Boss LM-2 on Craigslist for a while at $60. I'd buy it but I don't know what in the world I'd do with it.
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    What the heck is up with high action??

    I like the neck as straight as possible, and the strings as low as possible. I used to think I was committing some sort of heresy, but when I read that's the way Tommy Emmanuel sets up his guitars, I felt kind of vindicated.
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    Awful song, pedestrian solo, overestimated musician.
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    Teles: Where to go from a Baja...

    I sold a Baja right before all the price inflation came about. Wish I had waited, but I just didn't play it. Could have made some more money. I loved the neck girth, but from E to E it just wasn't wide enough. I kept pulling the high E off the edge of the fretboard. I much prefer the...
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    What was the WORST CONCERT you attended??

    Late 1970's, Javits Auditorium in Princeton NJ. The Doobie Brothers were a last minute replacement for Heart, who I had gotten tickets for. The Doobies were so incredibly boring that my friend fell asleep, and I had to walk around to keep from dozing off. Still bummed about this one...
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    Ray Davies appreciation

    Love RD and the Kinks. I'm all in on the early English stuff and the concept RCA albums, but I loose the thread when they sign to Asylum Records and start with the more arena rock stuff. So unique, such a great songwriter.
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    I Have An Odd Affinity for Danny Kirwan's Music

    I just got over a jag where I was listening to "Sunny Side of Heaven" about 5 times a day for a week. I've always loved that song.
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    Your earliest musical memories

    Christmas music. Loved those old sampler albums from Woolworth's with people like Johnny Mathis and Dina Shore and Robert Goulet. My favorite was A Henry Mancini Christmas. I've just always loved Christmas music, both secular and religious.
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    Don't care what anybody says; the little guy in the red hat can farkin' play

    First time I've seen this. I thought it was great. I'm not a follower of Prince's music, but he brought it big time, he was just being Prince. I'm guessing Eric and George would both love it.
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    The Beatles White album.

    I hope that one of these days there is a resurgence in interest for many of the early Beatles albums. Somehow because of the suits, haircuts, movies, ect. the incredible songwriting and performances seem, to me at least, to be undervalued. For instance, take a look at the track listings...
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    The Beatles White album.

    The working title of the album was originally 'A Doll's House'.
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    The Beatles White album.

    I love this album. Wouldn't change a note. Sure, there are a couple that I skip now (NOT Revolution #9, I listen to that like a regular song, anticipating the various changes and parts, love it) . And to call "Goodnight" just schmaltz is baffling to me, it's a beautiful, tender song...
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    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    Maybe Boss could kind of 'dumb it down' so to say, make a more affordable Sola Sound-ish pedal that still sounds great, but leaves the exclusivity of the original run intact. That's what I would hope.
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    John Cougar Mellencamp

    Not much of a fan. Saw a painting of his on Antiques Roadshow, some lady brought it in. Was appraised highly, apparently his work is valued and gets big prices. I think I liked the painting better than his music.
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    Let's hear some gear details from The Kinks

    I loved the guitar tones on the 'English' records they made, but when they signed to Arista Records in 1976 and kind of became an arena rock band, I lost interest. The guitar sounds became a bit too thick and cliche sounding, lost all their uniqueness. As did the songwriting, in my...
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    Musically-speaking, what are your favorite Joni Mitchell songs?

    I'm more of a 60's-70's JM fan. I kind of lost the tread at a certain point. But recently I have heard two 'newer' songs by her that I really love. One is 'Borderline' from 1992's "Turbulent Indigo" The other is the title track from 1991's "Night Ride Home". Also, her reworking of "Both...
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    KDH takes on Rick Beato

    Wow. As someone who has never run a business, that was truly eye-opening. Thanks for sharing that.
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    Infinite sustain pedal for practicing scales over drones: EHX Freeze and alternatives

    I use cello drones on YouTube to practice to. You can specify the key. Works great for me, and it's free. If you're not going to use it live, this is a zero cost option.
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    How Do You Dispose of Your Dead Batteries?

    I was under the impression that alkaline and regular general purpose batteries can be disposed of in your trash, but rechargeable batteries need to be brought to some kind of recycling center. I used to bring them to my local Ace hardware. Maybe I'm wrong?