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  1. J

    If you had to pick one acoustic to last the rest of your life...

    without any doubt, my 41' D-18.
  2. J

    my #1 is actually... 5 guitars

    Nice guitars, but I have a feeling the real gem in this picture is that little Princeton hiding on the left behind your SG
  3. J

    Germino Classic 45 is the best amp I have ever owned

    Oh damn...I should never have clicked on this thread.
  4. J

    Is a Germino too much amp for me?

    Similar experience here. Finding the right amp that makes you want to play is the key. I am back on a 50W plexi JMC 800 2204 plugged straight in w/o pedals. It is what I grew up on and I am back to it.
  5. J

    Strictly FUZZ

    Wow, thread XIII and still going strong. Just dropped by to give a nod to an old classic, the MXR script logo Distortion + with germanium diodes.
  6. J

    80s Kramer Guitars. Pointy headstock guys chime in.

    I haven't posted here in awhile, but I'm pretty excited about my new guitars so I couldn't help but brag on them a little here :) Long story short, back in the 80's I went through a bunch of Gibson's trying to find one that I loved. I really didn't know anything about guitars except that the...
  7. J

    Guns n Roses reunion

    can Axl even sing anymore?
  8. J

    My OM hunt continues does anyone own more than one?

    not sure what strings are on it, but if you want to experiment a little, i like 80/20's on mine (D'Addario EJ12 80/20 Bronze). Congrats and enjoy. These guitars open up pretty quick.
  9. J

    My OM hunt continues does anyone own more than one?

    My OM-18A was very stiff when I first brought it home. I played with .12's for a week while the guitar loosened up. Soon as lights started to feel spongey, i switched to .13's and went through the same process. It will loosen up. The main thing is, if you don't love the way it sounds, go...
  10. J

    Show off your resonators!

    My one and only. Don't play it as much as i should, but i'm getting better at it so that should change.
  11. J

    Shopping for an acoustic is overwhelming

    Ha! I wouldn't worry about it to much. Acoustic is very addictive. Before long you will have guitars with different scale length, body size and back/top woods. Resistance is futile. I think for starters, you need to consider where you will be playing. If you play out w/o amplification you need...
  12. J

    Affordable small bodied/parlor acoustic

    I have this Seagull Entourage for the office. Plays like an expensive acoustic and has the traditional nut width I'm used to. Sounds pretty good also.
  13. J

    Martin vs Collings

    I love my Collins, I've had it near 10 years. I also love my Martin GE, have it 6 years now. Both are very good guitars. The workmanship and playability are first rate and both have the representative tone of their builders in spades. There really isn't any issue with either guitar. They are...
  14. J

    Martin vs Collings Mahogony is my personal preference, but I do get all the rosewood love and would never try and talk someone out of what they like. Since you are in the price range though, do check out the Authentics (if you can find one). They don't make alot of them and they get snapped up fairly...
  15. J

    Martin vs Collings

    You haven't said whether you are after rosewood or mahogony. If you like mahogony, I would definitely look into the Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933. The lighter build is something to be experienced and you will never want to play a heavy built/braced guitar again. While I still like my Martin GE and...
  16. J

    Attn owners of many guitars: why so many?

    It's this and this
  17. J

    What would you pay for a Custom Shop Strat with out a COA?

    I have the exact guitar in CAR. Love the 60's pickups. great score.
  18. J

    D'Addario EXL 110 vs EXL 1103D

    About to order some strings and noticed some packages now labeled 3D. Can't find anything on it so I'm assuming it's just a marketing package change...but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask....same string set?
  19. J

    1960 Martin 000-18 value?

    Price sounds good, but when it comes to acoustic, I'd rather have one great one then several average ones. It may be a great guitar, but you'll never know unless you play it first. You might have your mind set on a vintage guitar, but the Authentics Martin is making today are better guitars...
  20. J

    What would you pay for a Custom Shop Strat with out a COA?

    Depends how the guitar was ordered. When a shop starts spec'ing extras it pushes the price up. Quater sawn neck, custom color, color over color etc...
  21. J

    I swore I'd never own a Strat, but alas, NGD...

    Damn! did UPS do that? :roll .....nice guitar, enjoy.
  22. J

    Your favorite "blues" acoustic?

    It's an LG 2. I like X bracing.
  23. J

    Your favorite "blues" acoustic?

    My favorite everything acoustic. and for a whole different flavor
  24. J

    Good soft case for 335 style guitar?

    My mono sits in the closet because it's so heavy. Levi really offers little protection. I would likely use the mono (or a hard case) if I was throwing my guitar in the backseat of a car, but since I'm walking and taking subways I always use the Levi and haven't had any problems. Just have to set...
  25. J

    SSL-5 users--- did you wire yours to the tone control?

    try this, it's the wire where it says add. It will be on the same control as your middle p/u