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    What are the line outs on interfaces for?

    Are they for sending out audio to other preamps for example? I currently have an apogee element 46, but don't see any line outs on the box. I've tracked instruments through a UA d710 bypassing the apogee's preamps and got great results. What I want to be able to do now is send my stereo mix...
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    Antelope zen studio vs apogee element 88

    Anyone care to share their thoughts on these interfaces?
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    Problem with 1968 super reverb. Please help.

    hey guys So I recently made the drive to Austin to purchase a 68 super reverb for a price I couldn't pass. Took it to Austin vintage guitars and the amp tech said it had been recapped and blackfaced. Only problem is it doesn't sound like it should through the oxford speakers (not loud, only...
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    Can anyone recommend interface with bypassable preamps?

    currently have the focusrite 18i20 and there is no way I can bypass the preamps on it which is very frustrating and disappointing. Planning on selling it. I've researched and found a few but wanted to give the gear page a shot. Does anyone know of any within the $200-$600 price range? I plan...
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    Has anyone used the UA-LA 610 on their pro tools mix bus?

    hi guys. I keep finding that the la 610 is mainly used for individual tracks. Was wondering if anyone has used the LA 610 on the pro tools mix bus since it's a preamp and compressor as well? If so, how does it sound?
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    Pro tools vs Zoom R16 master volumes

    Hi guys, Have been wondering why I'm getting louder and fuller mixes on my zoom r16 and low volume mixes with no fullness on pro tools. I've made my research for this and have been following the correct steps to "mastering" with compression and limiting in pro tools, but I still do not get the...
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    Roland Space Echo into Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Interface into Pro Tools, how?

    Hello guys, So I've read before on some of my favorite bands using the roland space echo without delay or reverb just to hit the tape a bit hard for some coloration and analog mojo. Have any of you guys ever done this, if so how do you do it? I've searched on how to make this happen, but so...
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    Tungsten crema wheat and Celestion creamback?

    Does anyone have this combo and if so, mind giving up some details on how it sounds and maybe making an audio clip?
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    1969 Super Reverb CTS Alnicos

    Hi everyone. I love the tone I'm getting out of these speakers, but I'm looking for speakers that will give me more headroom, but still break up nicely. My amp starts to break up at around 4 to 4.5-5 on the vol pot. I'd like for it to break up at around 7 or 7.5-8. Anyone care to suggest...
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    psych ballad performing for SXSW
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    XY drum overheads panned center

    instead of left and right. Anyone done this before?
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    Can you connect a preamp to a multitrack recorder?

    or a mixer to a mult. track recorder? All I want to do is warm things up. I have the Zoom R16 if that helps any.
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    Marsh jtm45 replica, anyone got one?

    can anyone share their experience with this amp in terms of clean, dirty and cranked tones? How about with strats? thanks in advance!
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    what amp is more forgiving?

    marshall jtm 45/100 with kt66s or marshall a 67 10,000 series with el34s??
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    weber legacies in a twin reverb?

    ......anyone have an idea how they would sound in terms of warmth, fatness, mids, clean and dirty tones?
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    70-72 gibson sg for 800????

    is this right?
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    EF86 and 12AX7 differences in tone in AC30?

    Looking to get a hayseed 30 and would want to hear what you fellow gear pagers have to say about the differences in tone between these two preamp tubes. thanks in advanced
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    Any clones of this amp? (Vox Super Beatle)

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    Is there a pedal that can give me a reverse type of sound for live use?

    ^^^ :) I haven't seen anything like that, is there such thing? Thanks in advanced
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    70s fulltone fuzz and clean twin revab..yes revab jam me and my buddies made a while back. the 70 sounds harsh at some points, but i kinda like it and i miss it! ( has been sold ) You can really hear the fuzz with headphones or ear phones a lot better in my opinion fuzz comes in at 1:41 enjoy!
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    what speakers in this 69 super reverb?
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    which boutique humbuckers for Gibson SG into twin reverb?

    I just got a used gibson standard and want to change out the pickups for a more accurate vintage tone. Maybe some of you guys run an SG through a clean Fender amp?? Which pickups are you using or recommend? Looking for clean, clear, fat pickups with that midrange goodness :drool
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    What college career for learning how to build tube amps?

    I know there is no career that specifically focuses on amps, but which one would enable you to build one if that makes any sense??
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    best tube for cleans in 100 watt plexi. 6l6, El34, KT66???

    title pretty much says it all. i'd like to hear people's opinions on these tubes in plexi 100 watt amps? thanks in advance!