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    Put fretboard inlay sticker on my Les Paul Special

    I don't think I'd care for them even if they were real.
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    Beautiful day for a headstrock repair

    ^^ What Tom said. Titebond I is far superior.
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    Best Pics of Guitars You Have Taken?

    Wow! Some really nice pictures here. I like using a reflector light with a regular old tungsten lamp in it in combination with the various lights in the room. Digital camera's need a lot of light for a clear image. It's easier to take a good picture, than to fix one in photoshop.
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    RIP little buddy...

    Ouch! Router tear-out?
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    Custom pickup ring company?

    It's easy when you have the proper tools. I made a little vacuum forming table to make pickup covers, and custom parts.
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    Idea needed for the next guitar

    An Offset
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    Au naturel solid bodies

    Here are a few I built. I confess. This one is tinted with analine dye, but I tried to keep it subtle so it wouldn't appear so.
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    My First Re-Fret

    I always glue refrets. Titebond works fine for me. I've found that it's much easier to keep things tidy if you use a glue syringe for application. I mask the board one slot at a time as I work down the neck. I buy fretwire in bulk, and I always select the profiles that have the longest tang. I...
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    My First Re-Fret

    Cool! Nice work. What size are the frets? Did you glue them?
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    Let's see your BLONDES (guitars only)

    One that I built.
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    for those of you who are quick to dismiss fender as a world class custom builder....

    Not a hater, just pointing out what I consider to be major design flaws. It makes it look pieced together, and incomplete. The color is cool, and the craftsmanship superb, but it looks like a parts guitar. It could be much nicer.
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    for those of you who are quick to dismiss fender as a world class custom builder....

    mismatched knobs, no pickup covers, and a single ply guard are custom? Dismissed!
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    Upgrade my MIM Strat?

    Any trem block is better than the little zinc things that come in a mim. I've got a Callaham in mine, and it's blocked. Gibson 50's wiring would apply to a gibson type guitar with a V/T-V/T setup and two pickups. I don't like bleeder caps because I like the tone of the volume slightly rolled off...
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    What pickups in a les paul for a 70’s classic overdriven sound?

    I'm sitting here laughing my ass off. We're 32 posts into this thread, and nobody has asked the question; What is your rig? What are you playing through? Instead you're talking about pickups from different maker's that sound relatively the same. Your speaker will make more difference than the...
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    Searching for My Honey ... Gibson SG

    Put it's picture on a milk carton. :)
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    Dimarzio Bridge pickup suggestions for Jackson RR1

    Pickup maker's have been known to sell pickups with "lightly attached covers" that are dbl crm underneath. It's a dodge of Larry D's patent. Ask around.
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    Gold pickup covers - what's the best way to clean/shine them up?

    The easiest way is to replace them. Once the gold is gone, it's gone. If the plating isn't scratched, or worn through, brasso, or silver polish will make them shiny, but it's only temporary.
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    Why one pickup?

    This has the biggest impact right here. The magnetic pull from the other pickups dampens the string, and has an affect on the sustain. The overall tone is affected because there is less of a magnetic force present in the strings due to fewer magnets. The magnets in the pickups magnetize the...
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    Guitar strings are tools and not body building weights

    big strings are where the tone is. The smaller the string is, the smaller the signal is that the pickup receives. 9's are crap, and friends don't let friends play 8's