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    8 Bit Dark Side Of The Moon

    This is really cool. Be sure to watch all 6. euLdKW_Db1k&feature=related
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    People who pirate music purchase more music

    Stumbled upon this article while going through all pirate bay stuff and found it interesting.
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    So who here listens to Dead Can Dance?

    I know this is a community of mostly guitar players, but does anyone here listen to Dead Can Dance? I've been archiving my CDs into iTunes, and have been on a Dead Can Dance binge for the last few days, the music is just so relaxing.
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    Anyone tried the Road Worn tele?

    I've been reading alot about the new road worn starts, but I haven't see anything on the teles. Has anyone tried the new 50's road worn tele? If so give opinions please.
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    Any Spock's Beard fans here?

    Just wondering if there are any fans of Spock's beard on these forums. I just popped in Snow, and i still think it's one of the best concept albums out there.
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    Dummy load with a Line Out

    I need to run my egnater rebel 20 silently while recording in my new apartment, and a friend gave me an old ADA microcab. I now need a dummy load that has a line out to run to the microcab, and i need one that isnt too expensive since I'm a college student on a budget. Any ideas?
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    Hello from MI

    Hello everyone, been reading the forums for the last few weeks and thought I should sign up. Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio (Phat Cat in Neck, Ultrasonic ref5 in bridge), 2002 Parker Nitefly M, 2003 Parker Classic (rewired point to point) Amps: Carvin MTS 3200 50th Anv Head, Carvin Legacy...