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    Schematic for a THD BiValve

    Hi folks. I have been trying to track down a schematic for my THD BiValve. It needs some work doing on it and the guy I take my amps to would like one. He is trying to find one too but I figured I'd try and help. Obviously, THD is no longer trading as it was and emails to the old THD email...
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    Nice and simple clean boost

    Hi everyone. My Moollon signal boost died. I've had it for years. I use it to bring the output of my Strat up to the level of my Explorer so I can switch guitars quickly and easily. I have my pedals and amp set right for my Explorer (main guitar) and when I switch to my Strat I kick in the...
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    Electro-Acoustic Solos

    Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. There is some crossover but I figure this is the best place to start. I have just started playing in an acoustic covers duo. We have done a few gigs now It's going well. I play some solos and they get lost. How do you guys do this? How do...
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    Bargain Boomerang + Score

    I think I got my first ever bargain find today. I just got a Boomerang + for £60! It was in a shop. They did not appear to be that bothered about it - said it was a bit unusual. I explained how cool I thought it was. They wanted £110 but as they could not find a power supply they said I could...
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    Selling pedals and replacing with cheaper alternatives

    Hi fellow TGP'ers! I shall give a bit of background to this (perhaps not necessary, but why not?): I have been playing guitar for about 10 years now. I have come to the point where I am very happy with my sound. I have some great guitars, one killer amp (IMO) and a load of excellent pedals...
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    Van Den Hul Integration Hybrid Lava owners

    Hi. I just got a Van Den Hul Integration Hybrid Lava cable from Lava Cable. I bought it pretty much to test out for myself if a fancy pants cable makes a difference. I am not interested in starting a s**t storm about whether it is worth it or not. I know people have opinions about how worth...
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    Zoom 9150 help

    Hi everyone. I have just acquired a Zoom Valve DSP 9150 unit. It is not the best but I should be able to find a use for it as I run a rock group for young people - with the equipment they use this will actually improve their sound. Does anyone have any info on it? Also, could anyone let me...
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    Blackout Effectors Twosome Dual Fuzz

    Who has one? Alternatively, who has a Fix'd and/or a Musket? I know you cannot have both sides engaged at the same time with the Twosome - does anyone have the two pedals separatley and stack them? Is it better to have them separately? Does the Twosome (or the Fix'd or Musket) need to be...
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    Thunder Tomate Analog Delay

    Hey dudes. What's the score with this pedal. I can't find much info on it at all (did all the ususal searches and found very little). Anyone have one? Anyone played one? Is it more or less to your taste than anything else you have tried, and would you care to say why? Any info at all would...
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    Just got a FITZO - Ultimate stacker?

    So I bought a FITZO from I am a big fan of his pedals and own a few. I bought it knowing it would rule because his idea of good sounds and mine seem to be the same. I love all of the pedals I have that Joakim made and I figured FITZO would be no different. I...
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    Liquid Gain Hydra

    Anyone got any experience with this pedal? I just spotted it on Tone Factor. Checked out the sound clips and thought it sounded great. I only have a zillion OD pedals and thought I could do with one more. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Toneczar Openhaus questions

    Hey all. So, I think I want an Openhaus. Well, I know I want one but I just have a few questions before I take the plunge. So, first off, does anyone know what the current wait time is? I figured I'd ask here so as not to waste Mr. Toneczar's time. I figure that I can't afford one just now...
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    Strat jack issues

    Hi, A little help for a guitar duffer if you please. I can play one a little bit, but my knowlege of exactly how the electronics work is sadly lacking. Here's the problem: The output on my Strat seems a bit dodgy - it all sounds good if I stay still, but if I move the jack in the output of...
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    New Eternity owner

    Hey. So, yesterday I ordered an Eternity from shop. I had never seen them in the UK before and I had always wanted to try one out, having read all the glowing reviews. It arrived today and needless to say I am impressed. Of course it is the honeymoon period (only played it a couple of...