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    Old new pedal day! somehow this one slipped right under my radar for years but I got my hands on a MXR GTOD this thing sounds great! I've had most TS pedals out there this one just sounds a little more refined I cant put my finger on it but I did a AB test with my TS9 and I definitely prefer...
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    Mooer pedals..whats your experience?

    Without wanting to open a can of worms here, I understand they are copies but most pedals these days are copies or dereretives of something with the exception of the Timmy and maybe the Klon. Whats your experience with them? They look pricier then the average Chinese knock off pedal? Are they...
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    Bluesbreaker with TMB controls?

    Is there a Bluesbreaker type pedal out there with Treble Mid Bass controls? Or similar?
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    What are you using as a low gain rhythm tone that isnt a Timmy?

    The Timmy just isn't doing it for me..I brought the MXR version a few weeks ago and its not really doing what I want. Looking for something that doesn't colour the sound too much..
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    NPD pleasently surprised!

    Brought a AMT F clean on a complete wim in the hope of a pedal platform pedal into my Two Notes Cab sim.. Wasn't expecting anything special from such a tiny pedal but WOW! This thing sounds amazing..feels amazing and it cost less then £100! AMT pedals I am a fan! What pedals have surpised you?
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    Recommend me a clean tube preamp pedal

    Need some recommendations..I'm after a clean "Fender"ish style tube preamp pedal to use on the road with my function band. I use several pedals through a preamp pedal into a Two Notes Cab M which is di out to the board. I currently have a Tubesteader Beekeeper but I like it so much I dont want...
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    Chrous recommendation..small clone..

    Hey All, im back after 4 years on the dark side with a helix.. Putting together a large pedal board to play with my functions band again and I need a chorus. Im very partial to the small clone liquidy chorus sound..however its just too big for the board are there any clones or anything that...
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    Eric Gales two rock in a pedal?

    We know he is a monster player and im not expecting to play like him but that sounds f***ing killer! Sounds like a distortion with a halo of a germanium fuzz but so articulate Suggestions please guys
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    Are there any pedal builders in the UK that can help me?

    Looking to build a Dumbloid pedal however I'm not sure what I can actually say here legally, I refuse to lay £400 for £40 worth of parts if someone could PM me i'd greatly appreciate it. Best regards Tim
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    Pedal to thicken string sound?

    All my life I have played 10's and 11's on all my guitars but lately ive been having a bit of finger and hand pain and have had to go to 9's which sucks big time but it makes the playing easier for me. Immediately ive noticed the difference in sound and need something to give the impression of...
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    I want an articulate Fuzz thats not a fuzz that plays well with Wah pedals and isnt a muff

    Doesnt have to be not strictly a fuzz just something that can make my amp sound like its exploding high gain but is still articulate if it sounds germanium thats a huge bonus
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    Can someone explain this please? Strings and tension related.

    A couple of months ago I bought a Fender Custom shop 62 Strat. For some reason when I first set it up the string tension was horrible and If Im honest i was so disheartened that it didnt have the similar slinkier feel I was used too with my other guitars even tho I use 11's and up thought I'd...
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    Ever brought a pedal didnt like it and brought it again?

    I did it this week, had a EWS Brute Drive about 2 years ago and sold it because it just didnt work with my amp at the time (Bugera V22) and remeber being hugely dissapointed. Now I have a Fender HRD III which isn't too bad.. its a nice clean platform for pedals and thought i'd give it a try...
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    Any DIY guys want to help me out...brain scrambled. FUZZ Related.

    It could be due to being awake for the last 30 hours but anyhow, just brought a fuzz pedal off fleabay that only has a battery clip, I would like to change the battery clip to a 9v power jack, I then plan to run it off a Gigrig virtual battery to keep it isolated. The Fuzz in question uses...
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    What Fuzz will give me this sound here in the U.K

    Sounds absoloutely insane and I love it, cant find a dealer for Monsterpiece here in the U.K and really dont want to have to pay for the pedal, shipping AND import tax when its only £15 worth of parts inside.
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    What do YOU use to simulate breakup that ISN'T a Timmy.

    Into a clean amp what do you use to simulate your amp breaking up? I want a pedal I can put after my Fuzz and some overdrive pedals to simulate sending them into a broken up amp. Go! :aok
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    Painting Enclosures

    I did a search it didnt return anything...if there is a related thread where this has been discussed before post a link and ill delete this. So i've been trying my hand at DIY lately and brought a few BYOC kits, I'll be honest i hate the look of the standard aluminum enclosure look of the...
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    Overdrive to Distortion to fuzz!! Whats out there?

    Im looking for a new pedal that can go from overdrive to distortion to fuzz! I have fuzz pedals and overdrive pedals on my PT Pro but thats always out in the van with the band and hardly ever at home I want something I can plug in at home to my Fender HRD and just play! Price limit $350 Sell...
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    JAM Fuzz Phrase Schematic..

    Not sure where this goes so mods feel free to move it to appropriate location. Does anyone on the off chance have a schematic or a detailed gut shot of the JAM Fuzz Phrase pedal at all...or would anyone be willing to take one? Best regards Tim
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    Help needed! Effects loop, pedal switcher problem

    Hi guys, just need abit of help/advise, I have a programmable pedal loop switching system the Joyo PXL8 (not to everyones taste i know) Im currently running my delay and chorus in front of my amp and would really like to be able to run them into my effects loop the amp is a Fender HRD iii. How...
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    Standard TS with bass response

    Is there a standard Tube Screamer out there that you can buy without having to send off to mod that that has that classic TS sound that mid hump but also has its bass response in tact instead of being left with no low end? i love my TS10 but the no low end really is becoming a problem for me...
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    Share your Tech 21 British settings

    Brought a secondhand British tech 21 pedal for a great price in the hope I would find some Plexi tones as well as some early JCM tones can't seem to dial anything in that my ears like or would associate with a plexi would anyone care to share their settings? Thanks Tim Sent from my iPad...
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    Clean Amp Mod Suggestions on a budget?

    Afternoon everyone, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this sort of thing so anything I say that isn't right I apologize & feel free to correct me. I've recently been reading up about tone stack bypass modifications - on some amps they come standard via a foot switch and they can usually...
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    Recommend me the perfect amp for me.

    Hey guys It's been a while since I have posted on here mainly because I have been really happy with my setup as of late and (relying mostly on pedals) but now it really is time to upgrade my amp. My current amp is a Bugera V22 some people like it - personally I can't stand it any longer..its...
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    Show Us Your NEAT Pedalboard Wiring!!

    We have the "Show us your pedalboard" threads and the "Neat pedalboard" threads but it very rarely shows the wiring and think its about time that there was a TGP thread on here for the OCD neat freaks and the guys wanting to know the best way to wire everything to perfection! :aok I haven't...