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    Apologies in advance, but I need help! Dist peds!

    The problem is it's not a van or bus tour. We are going to different venues by train and plane. I will have a list of the amps at all locations before I go and they all have solid amps. I know the first three amps/clubs are Jazz Chorus, JCM 800 master volume, Fender Twin. So, I'm pretty sure it...
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    Nova delay help!!!

    You might want to try posting in the TC forums. There is some useful stuff over there that helps for calibrating your pedal, presets, etc...
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    Sold My Ecstasy 101B + Bogner OS 2x12 Cab Today!

    I LOVE MINE!!! M60 brothers unite! Great tone and great playing. I think alot of the glassy sound you guys are enjoying is the strat. I bet if he ran the strat instead of the LP through the Elmwood, he could get a similar tone. Unfortunately, I can't take mine on tour with me so I need to find...
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    Apologies in advance, but I need help! Dist peds!

    I need some help guys. My band is going on tour in another country and I can't bring my head with me. Some of the venues only have combo amps and renting cabs for 24 different venues would really add up (^_^);; Now, I haven't used a distortion pedal since I first started playing guitar about 10...