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    1m pot -vs- 500k potentiometer (sg/les paul)

    i'm wanting to get a little more treble out of this epi i picked up recently for super cheap. eventually i'll drop some better pick-ups in it, but as of now just don't have the extra cash to do so. so at the moment i'm just gonna change the 500k pot out for a 1m pot and test a few capacitors to...
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    anyone using a biyang pedal?

    i just bought one on a whim, and am waiting for it to come in the mail. bought the tremolo. was going to get a voodoo lab, but decided to buy the biyang and dano trem both for nearly the same price together. just trying to find out what to expect. eventually i'm going to learn to not just...
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    looking for a tremelo pedal under $100

    right now i'm somewhat torn between the BYOC based on the EA design and the stereo pulsar by ehx. i'm more on the pulsar side because i want to be able to change wave patterns, from square to triangle wave. but if anyone has any other suggestions, that would be rad.
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    Sovtek MIG-60 Cuduno

    i just picked this up recently to replace my old ampeg b-25. i've played other MIG models, 50 and 100. but this has a slightly different tone. to my ear maybe a little more plexi than jcm 800 tone. but i've spent the past hour trying to find more info on this amp, a pdf of an owners manual...