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    Doesn't look like people are blowing their Celestion G12-EVH. What am i missing

    As far as i'm concenred the awsome sounding G12-EVH speakers are nothing but rebrandaded 20w greenbacks. I love the sound but i'm affraid to blow up my 212 cab loaded with them. Still, when i look at the specs of the official EVH 100W set up, the amp is able to put out at least 100w (probably...
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    Any wraparound or stop bar bridge with Floyd Rose string spacing and radius?

    I searched Gotoh's catalog but couldn't find anything that criteria or could be adjusted for a flatter radius and wider string spacing.
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    Friedman BE-100 no sound after rebias. Any clue?

    It happened after regular maintainance i usually do every 6 months on all my amps. I carefully removed the chassis from the cab, cleaned oxidation off the surface of the chassis and transformers (didn’t touch the inside) and reset the bias. I use a bias probe tool i bought on ebay wich conects...
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    Can you get Flanger with Delay on the H9?

    As far as i'm concerned there's no algorithm with Delay and Flanger neither Pitch with Delay algorithm. Considering i can have octave or pitch shift with Delay form the H910 algorithm, i'm wondering if you tweaker guys have any advice on getting Flanger with Delay from any algorithm? [edited...
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    Celestion Marshall G12 Heritage - Specs and sound?

    I'd like to know what their specs, in wich cab or combo they were fitted and how they compare to a 25w greenback? I could only find 1 demo and thought they lack midrange complexity... but it's always hard to judge from a single youtube demo. Thank you
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    Recomend me: Chorus pedal w/ parallel dry out, small footprint

    I need a repleacement for an old noisy but great sounding ibanez chorus. This is going to act as a signal splitter, so i need a parallel (in phase) dry out like the ibanez’. Chorused signal is going to a comp and clean amp, dry signal is goig to a slightly overdrriven second amp. Pedal doesn’t...
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    Friedman BE-100: How are you setting levels when using the fx-loop?

    I have an Eventide h9 on my BE-100's fx-loop. Works great with my other Friedman amp (Smallbox 50) but not stellar with the BE. When i engage the effects loop my clean channel sounds boomy, looses a good deal of the harmonics and the clean level never matches the distortion ch's volume. When i...
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    RV 500 users: Does it do volume boost per patch?

    Are you using yours for overal volume boost on lead patches? Any tonal change or does it boost low end when boosting volume? Low end boost is something i'm trying to avoid on my lead tone. Thanks!
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    Strymon TimeLine - Can it do overall volume boost?

    I need a midi switchable delay that can do volume boost per preset. I know Eventide H9 does that but wonder if the TimeLine does the same thing and if it's programable per preset instead of a master boost..?
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    Need help fixing weird Fx-loop phase issue - Eventide H9 content

    My amp have a serial fx-loop and works fine with every other fx unit i ver tryed but is not working with the H9. With the H9 either engaged or bypassed the midrange sounds weird and out of phase, single notes sound horrible and low end drops a little. Overall volume drops a bit but not as much...
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    Recomend me a guitar practice tool to learn new songs: Boss JS10, Computer software, etc..?

    What do you guys use and recomend? My main application for such gear is to learn and practice new songs to play with my actual band. I won't play with headphones and i like the idea of a good sounding unit. Also, I always plug into my own amps so i don't need built in effects nor amp simulators.
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    Modern amps bias - What am i missing?

    This is how i've been adjusting my amp's bias forever: Tube Power Dissipation : Measured Plate Voltage x 65% = Bias So the usual el34 amp falls in the range of ~36-38mV. In the course of the last 2 years i fell in love with Friedman amps and acquired overtime virtually all their models...
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    Are there any ALNICO single coil size 59-style humbucker pickups

    Looking for a real '59/PAF feel in strat size (i know the actual sound will not be there in a narrow field pickup, but the swirling highs and slightly compressed feel of a full size 59 alnico humbucker is probably possible to have)... Seymour Little '59 is almost there but still a little stiff...
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    The Mythbuster Luthiers thread part 1 - brass and titanium parts

    For you experimented luthiers here: Are floyd rose brass or titanium blocks really worth the hassle? Anyone ever actually measured the dierence - if there's any? Any other "myths" you'd like to coment.
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    Reversible options to turn a white trembucker/f-spaced pickup Black?

    Pickup is a 53mm string spacing Suhr SSV in white. I want to install it in a guitar that looks weird with pickups any other color than black. I know there are some colored pickup decals available ffor regular humbucker spacing but i don't know where to find'em for proper 53mm/trembucker string...
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    Will insulation tame a 4x12 cabinet harshness ?

    I have a Marshall 1960A and a Bogner 412ST both with the same speakers. The bogner sound so much more defined and refined.. the marshal in comparison sounds raw and a bit harsh. Looking inside the cabs, one difference that jumps to the eye is the bogner cab have insulation material stapled to...
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    Pedalboard build (noise-free): Should i "shield" power supplies and power cables?

    I "learned" that pedals on top of a power supply are most likely going to hum. But i'm not sure if that applies to all types of power supplies. I'm building my set on a Pedaltrain PT2 (pic on it's way). I'll have 2 power supplies mounted on the bottom of the Pedaltrain. Pedals are "velcroed"...
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    Anyone using Seymour Bleakout volume module with passives?

    Does it bump the output? How does affect singlecoil pickups' voicing?
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    Recomend me a tiny Tremolo with huge sound

    I had the Malekko Omicron before and it was good but not the sound i'm chasing. The ones i liked the best so far (but won't fit on my board): Demeter Tremulator and Supro on amplitude mode. What options do i have in that tiny Omicron series size?
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    H9 in parallel: can i have 1 tremolo preset in series?

    For your understanding of my setup and what i need: Serial connection wiil be ">" Parallel connection will be "=" My setup: 2 amps > Ampete 222 fx send > in Suhr MiniMix II = H9 = MiniMix II out > fx ret Ampete 222 MiniMixx II puts the Eventide H9 in parallel with my amps. H9 Kill Dry must...
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    Strat players: Anyone using EMG PA2 or AB with passive single coils?

    What your have (or had) in your strat? What you like and what you dislike about it? I'm considering to build a belt clip box with either the Afterburner or the PA2 to go with my strat. But i never tried one so i'm not sure if this is going to work for me. Your experiences are going to be much...
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    Whatt happens to a cabinet's sound when you add speakers?

    What happens to the tone and specially the response of a cabinet when you add speakers? Exemple: Take a 2061CX-style (big diagonal 2x12 cabinet) then add diagonally mounted 2x10" speakers? Or an oversized 1x12 with added 1x10" speaker.. Will it sound boxy? More pucnh? More or less definition...
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    Anyone compared Holy Fire 48v vs Holy Fire 9 head to head?

    Many years ago i bought a standard Holy Fire with the gigantic 48v power supply. I liked the clarity and specially the headroom of that pedal but quickly sold it becouse it was hard to place that laptop-style power supply on my board. I wonder if the 9v version is the same thing.. Anybody?
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    Is this speaker cabinet wiring correct..?

    4x10 Marshall JTM cabinet with: - Top row of two original 4 ohm Gold Back 10's wired in series; - Bottom row of two cel Vitage 10 16 ohm wired in parallel; Top row wired in series with bottom row. Will this be 16 Ohm at the jack? Where can i find a schematic to make sure i'm wirring correctly?