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    40 years ago today - - RIP Gram Parsons

    why all the hate for Gram?
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    40 years ago today - - RIP Gram Parsons

    still not in the country music hall of fame (even though i'm not sure he would want to be)
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    Gregg Allman's Autobiography

    Reading this now....
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    Back in Black :cool:
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    Show your Plexi RIGS!

    Dabeck clone of a Marshall 1987
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    Amp for that early Def Leopard, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy etc...

    Steve Clark's amp:
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    Live at Daryl's House

    i was at the same show in Allen. once they got their sound under control it was a good show.
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    Zeppelin: The Rover

    this is our take on such a classic LZ tune
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    Anyone use a Timmy to boost their Marshall/Marshall-inspired amp?

    my clone (Marshall 1987) really likes the Fulltone OCD
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    Straight into amp players today

    most of the time Johnny has a Boss chorus and a Tubescreamer on the floor.
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    Les Paul paired with a tweed Deluxe = ?

    i play this setup all the time
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    Rolling Stone's picture guide 20 iconic guitars

    Johnny Winter's Firebird!
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    What 6V6's are you using in your tweed?

    Tung Sol 6V6 RI
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    Marshall 4x12 redo...dry joints!

    Re-glue it?
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    new tube day yesterday

    apparently one tube socket is "hotter" than the other. i tried switching the tubes around and it didn't change the fact that one socket biases higher than the other. i confirmed this buy using two different sets of power tubes. what would cause this and is it a concern?
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    new tube day yesterday

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    new tube day yesterday

    why would the plate voltage increase when switching to a different brand of tube?
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    new tube day yesterday

    i did. i'll try swapping the SEDs and take another reading to see if that will get them more closely matched.
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    new tube day yesterday

    still tinkering with it this evening
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    new tube day yesterday

    Amp: Dabeck brand clone of a Marshall 50 watt model 1987 (built by Dave Smith in Richardson, Texas) the matched pair of winged c SED EL34s came in yesterday. i started by measuring the bias and plate voltage of the existing JJ E 34 L power tubes and here is how it worked out: Tube 1...
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    Choose: Tweed or BF Deluxe & Why

    I've got a Clark Beaufort (premium tweed Deluxe clone) and my buddy has a premium blackface Deluxe Reverb clone (half built and tweaked by Dave Smith of Dabeck Amps). first off, both amps sound like angels singing. my buddy's Deluxe Reverb: pristine, chime, sparkling cleans, midrange scooped OD...
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    Zeppelin: The Rover

    Our band does this tune. Scroll down on the tune selection and you'll find it:!/madmonksquadron?sk=app_178091127385