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    Need reassurance: Tell me I didn't just blow $100 for nothing

    I think I got an OK deal, but this is the most I've ever spent on a tube (well actually a pair here). I already had a couple good pairs of Mullard 12ax7 long plates and I have a pretty good collection of EF86's (Mullards, Dario, etc), but I've never owned any Telefunkens. Just tell me I'll be...
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    Please help me ID this guitar

    Helping a friend out here. Anyone recognize this guitar?
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    Running two attenuators on the same amp not in series. Let me explain - say I've got two 8 ohm attenuators (in reality a Muzzle and a THD) and two 8 ohm cabinets. Is there anything potentially damaging or inherently wrong with running one attenuator to each cab and setting the amp impedance at 4 ohms? The impedance of the two...
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    Reverb pedal suggestions: analog dry & stereo ins-outs

    Can anyone recommend an affordable reverb pedal with stereo ins and outs and an analog dry signal? Oh yeah, it should sound great too and ideally would be a little more than a one trick pony. A nice spring-ish verb and a nice plate verb in one pedal would be ideal. Thanks, Jay
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    Which Ceriatone Marshall clone for me?

    I want 1 channel capable of chimey clean that can be nudged into overdrive with a boost and 1 channel of dirt that can be pushed into brown/hard crunch territory with a boost. Can either the 18w or 18w TMB cover this? Which one is better for my purposes (versatile and works with OD & boost...
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    HSS strat with fast neck

    I'm looking for a bit of a workhorse guitar, doesn't have to actually look like a strat I suppose, but I need a humbucker in the bridge and very importantly a neck single coil with the classic strat blues tone. Also, I need a fast neck ideally with a neck-through-body type design to avoid the...