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    Just search Agile on here and you'll find dozens of mostly favorable reviews.
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    Orange bringing back Rocker 30??

    good god shut up
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    ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN guitars - mojo factor

    no guitars have mojo
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    So how many of you don't play the same guitars as your idols...

    I don't really have idols. I play alt rock and punk mostly, but play telecasters, uncharacteristic for the genres. I'm influenced by the overall sound of some groups, no particular guitarist though.
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    I've been running direct at band practice...

    I want one of those Tech 21 pedals. The only thing that hold sme back is lack of a headphone out.
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    Anyone refuse to use a hard case...

    I use my Suhr gigbag for almost everything that isn't long distance.
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    Orange (amps) Guitar pedals at NAMM?

    I am definitely curious... would love to see them do a treble booster voiced specifically for their amps.
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    Musicman Armada-----I WANT ONE!

    I don't like most non traditional body shapes but this looks pretty rad
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    List of things guitarists should learn to do themselves.

    People can spend their money how they choose.
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    The Amps of the Future

    It sounds like another gimmick to be forgotten. I can't see anything other than traditional amplifiers being the norm even into the future.
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    Why teles always had a small thin neck?

    OP said nothing about tone... his hands have a harder time with thin necks and that's not BS, perfectly reasonable actually.
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    What is your current most wanted guitar?

    2012 nocaster
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    Who is still gigging with a 4x12 cabinet?

    I do when needed, because a 2x12 doesn't sound the same, and will not compete with a loud rock band in every setting. 4x12s still have their place.
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    guitar cab for doom/metal/stoner

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    bends on a maple vs rosewood

    The string never comes in contact with the fret board, unless you're hammering down and risking hitting the note sharp, so it really doesn't matter.
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    Is it just me, or are the demos at wildwood nearly useless?

    You make a point, but the OP also specifically spoke about Gregs personality and presentation, not only the demos, which are actually very good. They may not be the mot fantastic demos out there, but are far more useful than the average laptop speaker demo available on YouTube.
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    Is it just me, or are the demos at wildwood nearly useless?

    I find it hard to believe someone would this about the Greg Koch videos. He's a little dorky, sure, but by far more entertaining and a better player than 99% of demos out there.
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    TC Spark Booster - Wow!

    I'd love to see an AB between the Spark and RC.
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    Anyone Else Sick

    You must be clicking the wrong threads or something, TGP loves semi-hollows.
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    Is Bruce egnater correct on this statement?

    That doesn't give him the right to be so billigerent.
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    Is Bruce egnater correct on this statement?

    Its really not necessary to act like a brat when someone disagrees with you.
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    Best Teles

    There is no "best", there is only preference. You're going to get as many suggestions as there are companies building.
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    Tonight I witnessed the power of a 100 watt amp

    You can't be serious.