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    Raleigh NC TGP Jan 10th get together - Amp Picts

    :agree I'm in....:D
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    58 Les Paul Standard

    Probably not too goooood; from the looks of the saddles!!!:crazyguy
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    If I love my old Marshall and my Club 40 will I love an Ecstasy Classic too?

    Hey Bo, I giged with a 101b /OS 2-12 Bogner cab for a couple of years and loved it... We were gigging alot when I had mine and it still took me quiet a while to figure out all the knobs & switches :facepalm !!! In the end, I spent most of my time in the Blue channel and just rode the guitar...
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    Traynor YBA-2 project?

    Thanks SS, I was thinking this grill cloth might once again become available when I read that Vintage re-issue ad. I greatly appreciate the info & the link to the handle source also...:aok
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    Traynor YBA-2 project?

    Hi everyone, I scored a vintage Traynor YBA-2B (6V6 version) a while back and I like it a lot!:aok The amp itself was in great shape for it's age but the cab was in poor condition so I decided to build this little Tone monster a new home... I opted to go the Bass Mate piggy back route (like the...
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    Whats the most important thing you know or have learned about playing in a band?

    :agree Use "DYNAMICS" correctly and it will set your Band apart from most!!! In most projects, I usually end doing quiet a bit of the lead vocal work and often times I gravitate to-wards songs that will showcase the bands ability to use dynamics effectively... It takes a conscious effort from...
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    TGP's members rule!

    :agree with you on this 100% This forum and it's members is far better than any other music related resource I've seen on-line! Good luck with your new business venture..:aok
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    Post pictures of your 5E3 "Deluxe" amp

    Here's my "Fender 57 Amp" Man; I really love this circuit with my Strat!:bow Blurry; I know (my camera is acting up).. Better pics I found on-line
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    must-learn blues solos

    Another Allman Brothers solo that really helped with my phrasing was "Blue Sky"... It's lengthy but very melodic and well worth the effort!!! :aok
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    Germino Classic 45

    As far as pups go; I can vouch for the Wolftone Marshall head in the bridge position of a LP type guitar with Greg's amps...:aok Dewman (TGP member) has one in his R7 that sounds righteous through his many Germino's for that type of TONE.... I have the Wolftone DR'Vs in my R7 and IMO; they are...
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    It seems most of my blues heroes play "bad" amps

    WOW!!! That really made me think... Awesome advice:bow:bow:bow Splatt for President:D
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    "New" Lovepedal 8823 "High Headroom Overdrive"

    It's a great OD for sure....:aok I've owed mine for a couple of years now and have no plans of letting it go!
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    XTC you find yours to be somewhat muddy?

    I owned and gigged a Classic for about 2 years in a 2 guitar band and it didn't disappoint! Despite the abundance of tonal options (knobs a plenty) I found it quiet easy to dial in and didn't find it to be muddy... Sold it for financial reasons but I would love to own another some day! The...
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    Feeling naked without my Germino....

    It still sounded great though and I must say >>>>>>> "Nikki" ROCKS!!!:drool
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    Price Check - 1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb

    Can't help you with price but I can attest that 68 was a great year for the DR! I'll never part with my 68 Drip Edge...
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    2009 Charlotte NC Amp Show

    Good question Ricky; the last event held here was such a blast! It's a lot of fun matching up the faces with TGP screen names. At the last one I remember Dewman coming tru the door with all his gear in one of these little red wagons like you pull your kids around the yard in (funny stuff I tell...
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    lets see those guitars in action (live photos)

    Yep; that's my R7 in the background!:rotflmao
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    "What YouTube Guitar video blow your mind TODAY?" Thread

    Here's a a few of my favorites.....:aok Enjoy Bonamassa Rufus Huff Cry of Love Part 1 Part 2...
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    What amp sounds like a YBA-2?

    I have the YBA-2B combo (6V6) version with a 15" JBL D130 & absolutely love it..:aok Very underrated amp that most folks havn't heard of yet.... The combo cab I have is in ratty shape so I'm gonna to build a Head & 1X15 cab like in the bottom right of this pic.... I can get fairly close to...
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    I seem to spend all of my time at TGP on the amp forum....Why?

    Smokin amp Demo; thanks for posting Franktone....:aok I owned a Comet 40b for a while & loved that amp... Mr. Bartel obviously knows TONE - IMHO.....:bow
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    Ultimate 12" speaker for a Blackface?

    I've tried several but not all of the top recommendations here and the JBL D120F just sings in my 68DR.. :aok YMMV
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    NOS ? for Deluxe Reverb

    Hey Ricker, I've done quiet alot tube testing in my 68 DR & I really like using NOS GE 5751's in V1 & V2. To my ears it really fatens up a DR; give that a try & let me know if ya like it...:AOK Good luck
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    2009 Charlotte NC Amp Show

    Attended the first one & would defiantly make it to the next.:banana No better place to have an event like this!!!
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    Absolutely Killer Tone Combination: 3 Monkeys Orangutan and Tim Pedal

    Yea man; can't wait to hear it with that R9!!! I'm really digging this Orange RV50 I just picked up & knowing your taste; I think you'll dig it too....:AOK