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    Custom 24>Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 The first two tracks are done with the aforementioned equipment, running a single V30 straight into a ****** mixer. The cab is miced with a e609. Just wanted to through this out there for any Badcat fans :banana
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    Fuchs Ods Cleans?

    Back for more punishment :jo Looking for a new D type amp with great portability, Ill be using a strat. I know the OD is there in the Fuchs, but hows the clean? Is it a Mayer type, black face-y sounding clean? Should I be checking out a Two Rock Jet instead? How does it stack up to the...
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    Bad Cat Hot Cat

    Going amp shopping again and I'm really digging the Hot Cat, problem is there are no dealers to try one around here. Anyone own/play this amp? How are the cleans? Overdrive? Any input would be greatly appreciated. BTW I'm looking at the 15 watt combo.
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    Les Paul Junior Neck

    Ive recently became interested in building my own guitar. Ive decided that i want to go with a les paul junior due to its simplicity, but Im having trouble figuring out how the neck attaches to the body. What does the tennon and pocket look like. I like that look of the neck stopping at where...