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    Faceless FX Jasmine Boost EQ

    I didn't see any talk about this gem here. Really a great clean boost, with great range of low gain and powerful tone cotnrol. It is beautiful too. In the name of full disclosure, the builder, Tim Cooper, is a friend. I wouldn't pimp this if it weren't really a fine ped. :beer
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    Variable voltage

    I had my DMM out and was curious at what voltage i liked the sound of my Catalinbread DLS. Turns out 15.348V was the sweet spot. Anyone else try something like this?
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    Reducing Volume

    I had read plenty about using attenuators, light bulbs, iso booths, etc. I am not a amp tech, hardly, but why wouldn't this work. Build a box with one or more speakers (old pieces of crap) tear out the cones, pack them in foam, and wire up so the impedence is what you need. Run this along with...
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    lovepedal 1/2 watt excitement/cab option

    I scored a lovepedal 1/2 watt classic here at TGP. I am excited to use this for home/recording. I am going to run my Hellhound's speaker for now, but Fatback's demo's make me want to get this sucker mobile. I would really like a 1x8, so any suggestions are welcome. If not, then 1x10s. Cheaper...