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    Thoughts on Myka?

    Thoughts on Myka? Talented. Period. Some of the slickest guitars made......
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    Where Do You shop For Tubes?

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    House Was Just Broken In To...

    Glad your pooch is OK. Keep us up to date on prosecution, sentences etc.
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    Dealing with SUPERSOUNDS music

    Another thumbs up
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    House Was Just Broken In To...

    That is great news! Guitars are so personal but hitting my dog? Now it's WAR.
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    best CHEAP strat pickups...

    Google Wylde pickups
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    best CHEAP strat pickups...

    Bill Lawrence Keystones.
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    Nut notches !

    Good tip, Thanks!
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    Intonation Problem..

    Strings stretched? Maybe the A needs a little time to settle. I'd give it a few days and check it.
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    Video Lesson: Gimme Three Steps

    Cool, thanks. You were so funny talking about the chunky, chunky monkey riff. What amp, pedal(s). Sounds good.
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    My Smelly Cases

    What he said ^^^^
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    WARNING: Stupid question about barre chords

    When playing e shape barre chords, rotate your index finger a little so you use the side of your finger instead of the inside fleshy part.
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    Let's see some colorful amps.....

    Cool, thanks.
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    Pigeon Poop Primadonnas

    I heard it stinks.
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    Let's see some colorful amps.....

    What brand of coiled cable is that? The fat mother plugged into the Mesa?
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    Tweaker or Super Champ XD?

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    Tweaker or Super Champ XD?

    You call BS? That is ridiculous. I played an SCXD and I did not like the overdrive/distortion. And the one that Jim Soloway has in the emporium is A silverface not a new one.
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    Tweaker or Super Champ XD?

    I couldn't get the clip. It sounded bad to ME when I played through one..................
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    NGD: Used LP content. How'd I do?

    Another send it back vote here. 173rd of 200 made in that color. And no, the color won't add a dime. Since it is used and has the repair I think you should decide quickly and call GC asap. That repair with black spray paint over it is hideous. Just being straight with you.
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    Tweaker or Super Champ XD?

    IME, the Tweaker has good cleans and good crunch. The Fender has good cleans but the crunch, not so much. Actually, it was awful. Hard to compare a Vibro champ being only 5 watts but Jim Soloway has one in the Emporium $375, I think.
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    UPS lost my guitar! - UPDATE - GUITAR LOCATED

    A little packing tape over the label goes a long way. Glad for you.........
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    Who has conquered the Class 5 vibration?

    TGP member Outahear. Look in the M and R emporium.
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    Tube amps and generators

    Now that should get GEARHEAD of the year post right there! Fans? who needs fans? And I can do without the Fridge:dude
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    Wicked new Myka build!

    That is toasty hot!
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    Which caps for a les paul?

    Yep. I've bought some too. A couple sets. Bees without the "Bee Jacket" Good guy to deal with. Fast shipping!