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    D'Addario EXL 110 vs EXL 1103D

    About to order some strings and noticed some packages now labeled 3D. Can't find anything on it so I'm assuming it's just a marketing package change...but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask....same string set?
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    NGD 1949 Gibson LG-2

    About five months ago i tried to trade a mandolin for a nice LG-2, but the shop wouldn't do the deal. I left the mandolin there on consignment and forgot about it after the guitar i wanted sold. Well, got an e-mail yesterday letting me know the mandolin had sold. I headed down and ran the rack...
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    Gibson announces 'modest price increase' effective 3/1

    So freaking glad the stable is already full. "Gibson is proud to be the most innovative name in guitar technology. However, developing such amazing advancements found in the 2014 Model Year guitars does not come cheap. Effective March 1st, look for modest price increases on guitars. (The...
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    Post your home practice rig

    Just got my Deluxe back from service and it sounds incredible now. I was using a Princeton Reverb for home but this thing just sounds so huge in comparison, I can never go back.
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    Weber 12F150 for 64 BFDR

    Weber recomends the 12F150 on their website as the replacement speaker for this amp. I've had good success using the 10F150T in other BF Fender amps, but none of those has a brite cap. My question really boils down to this. Should I cut the brite cap on the DR and if so, would the 12F150 still...
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    It's Christmas time again…show me your Red Guitars

    I would have lined them up in front of the tree, but I'm sure someone would have asked what I was doing….or even worse…..why
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    Anyone else play an Ash Strat? Tele people?

    bust em out peoples, curious if are there are others out there
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    How to remove metal plate in LP Std. wiring cavity?

    Is there any trick to removing the metal plate in the wiring cavity or will it just come out when I remove the pots? I've got a 50's style wiring harness on the way and would like to remove the metal plate while I'm at it.
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    NG Week x2 plus amp

    2005 LP plain top. 1964 Princeton Transitional 6G2 1995 SG
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    Aching pain in my picking arm

    Guessing it's like tennis elbow. I've been taking it easy but it's always there fore a few weeks now. Are there any answers other then to stop playing and rest?
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    Boss discontinues Dr Rhythm 880 ver.2

    Just a heads up to look out for these on clearance sales. It is the best practice tool I have ever found with 200 preset drum/bass progressions, although a little pricey. Should be some good bargains around PS, anyone know what they are replacing it with?
  12. J

    Not For Sale At This Time

    I was at Guitar Center the other day and all of the Pre-CBS strats and 50's LP's had signs on them 'Not For Sale At This Time'. I think it's a testament of the times...The modern made guitar is as good, if not better then the vintage made iconic guitars. Not that there still won't be a...
  13. J

    Decided to strip my Bullion Gold SG Standard

    I picked this up used a few months back. I really loved the fatter 50's neck but the color and the thick finish were something i decided I could live with...that is until I found myself with a few free hours this afternoon. Before (sorry, the only pic I have) After a coat of Zip Strip...
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    How are Abby hand wound p/u's different from other boutique hand wound p/u's

    I've read all over the internet how Abby hand wound p/u's are just Fender hype. Comments like she doesn't really hand wind them and she just turns the machine on. And then when it comes to other boutique winders like Lollar, fralin, Wolfetone etc... You see nothing but rave reviews and...
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    Strat: who doesn't wire their bridge p/u to the tone control?

    Would like to hear from some people who use the bridge p/u and don't have it wired to the tone control. Do you find that you get enough high end roll of just by rolling back the guitar's volume knob? On the fence about jumpering my new aquisition. My other strats have tone control and the thing...
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    How about a Candy Apple Red Heavy Relic

    This one is a color over color (Aztec Gold/CAR) 59' specs with a soft V neck and light rosewood board. I'm beginning to think I have a strat problem. The herd is growing but hey, they are all different :jo It sounded and played great at the store...but after I got home and set it up the way I...
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    Oh no you di'int!!! Bought a John Mayer strat

    So shoot me :) it's very good guitar Things i like about it that I thought I wouldn't - the urethane finish is nicely done and not bar top thick. I can't even tell it's not nitro. The satin neck is silky smooth. - the decked bridge makes the guitar snappy and it plays just like a tele...
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    Front Ducted/Ported Cabinets

    Front Ducted/Ported Cabinets Would like to hear opinions on these vs. standard closed back and open back cabints
  19. J

    NGD: The Paul from Gibson's dark era :)

    Here in all it's glory with everything you loved about the Norlin Era...5 piece Walnut body, brass nut, satin poly's loaded with all the extras baby! Really a nice player with a comfy neck shape and I love LOVE the ebony fingerboard. Say what you want but, it's a real nice player and...
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    Mooer Pedal Flight Case

    I don't own any myself and don't plan on buying any in the future, but I saw a flight case in a store window and hadn't seen mention of it here on TPG. It looked compact, sturdy and had some kind of molded rubber to hold the pedals neatly and secure and a power supply which looked like some kind...
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    Can a severely warped pickguard contribute to way a guitar sounds

    At first, I was thinking of finding a replacement, then I started to think that the warped pickguard is part of what gives the guitar it's distinctive tone. It's almost as if it has it's own built in reverb tank or I was playing in a cave. I read somewhere that there was an artist that changed...
  22. J

    NGD: CS Ltd Ed. Custom Built 56' Relic Teal Green Metallic

    Oooooops, stumbled into a close out sale in a local shop. I had no idea this guitar had the full monty...just that it was outrageously good. The hang tag price was freaking incredible. The particulars are Limited Edition 1956 Strat Custom Built in Teal Green Metallic Ash Body...
  23. J

    NGD: 00' CS Tele 63' Closet it alder or ash?

    Finally found a Tele w/a neck that I like. Can anyone tell from this pic if it is alder or ash?
  24. J

    NGD - 61' Jazzmaster

    It's turning out to be a heck of a guitar week for me.....5 guitars out (3 electrics and 2 acoustics) and 2 in. Picked up the first one today. I'm trying to consolidate to only having guitars I play....and less is more right now. This Jazzmaster put a stupid grin on my face from the first picked...
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    Did I do a bad thing to my BFVR? changed out all caps

    Back when I first started playing again, I decided I was finally going to get a good amp to play on. I was in the vintage shop and traded in my 1956 Mandocaster for a 1966 all original BFVR. After playing it for about six months, it started sounding a little dull so I brought it in to get...